Color of Nature

I often find inspiration in nature while developing a color palette for a design project.  I keep an ever evolving image library which I draw from when developing a concept.  I love to surround myself with the beauty of these images, and to use them as a guide while exploring possiblilities and appropriate solutions with a client.  


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Everything but the Kitchen Sink – Soap Pumps

I know…SOAP PUMPS?  What could be more boring??

But here me out.  You see, a long time ago when I was just out of college and living a particle-board-and-milk-crate-furniture lifestyle, a friend of mine confided in me that it was his personal horror to see dish soap out on the counter.  I was young and impressionable and he was hip and fashionable so from that moment forward I banished my dish soap to the dark, musty area under the sink also known as where-random-cleaning-stuff-goes-to-die.

I lived this dish-soap-free-counter existence for quite some time having also made the decision that I never wanted to ever live somewhere that didn't have a dishwasher.

And then I had a baby and thus the dish-soap-under-the-counter philosophy of kitchen design became a royal pain in the arse – you never realize how annoying it is to go and fetch it everytime you need it until you have bottles and nipples and teethers, etc. et. al. to be cleaned every ten minutes.

(not the worst offender out there stylistically, but still not necesarily kitchen design sensitive)


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Wall envy…

Yes, WALL envy! We are currently renting and I'm proud to say it's quite an architectural gem, but because it's under straight preservation design guidelines, we are limited to one wall color – white. I don't mind it really, because of the nature of the place. It's called "the Treetops", hence we literally live in a treehouse! And when you are surrounded by trees, you really can't complain. But how I would love, love, love to paint a splash of color, or do something super creative with the walls. Here are a few images/ideas that had caught my eye. I say, the bolder the better!

… a wall of postcards. Pretty fabulous no? Get the how-to here.

… a chalkboard wall calendar. Have you tried chalkboard paint before? This checkerboard pattern makes a pretty handy planner for the family. Click here for the how-to video and directions.

… a classic black + white striped bathroom. Beautifully accessorized… It feels so warm and welcoming to me, perfect for a guest hallway bath.

… a blueprint inspiration. How amazing does this oversized blueprint wallpaper look? Makes me want to blow up something my mister did for our own home. And how about a collection of vintage blueprints? (Think I may need to start digging through buckets of them at flea markets!)

{ images: 1 / 2 scan from Martha Stewart Living, photography by Eric Piasecki / 3 / 4 }

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