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Beauty is all around us, and often inspiration can be found in the most unlikely of places. When taking photographs, we see a perspective of the world in a much mored focused and detailed way. I often feel like I wish I could capture that essence and bring it indoors into my personal space. Design Seeds is an online inspiration journal, which color matches imagery and identifies hues within an environment, so you can bring that color into your home. The serenity of the blues of the sea, the vibrant plumes of a rooster or the comfort of an evening around the campfire. What a great idea.


seeds3_520Image and color palettes sourced at Design Seeds.


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Sonia Delaunay

Inspiration in our daily lives can come from numerous sources. Color, texture and pattern are abundant in our environment, whether dancing shadows as the sun hits the leaves of a tree, or an industrial grating, with intensity and rhythmic pattern. I recently came across a book published as part of an exhibit at the Cooper Hewitt Museum on the work of Sonia Delaunay titled Color Moves: Art & Fashion by Sonia Delaunay. Her studies in pattern and texture as a painter extended into varied medium and in turn, expression. It is wonderful to see through her eyes the design process as it evolved investigating the relationship of pattern, color and movement.
‘Painter, textile and stage designer and co-conspirator (with her husband Robert Delaunay) of the Orphist movement, Sonia Delaunay is a heroine of early modernist art and design. Known primarily as an abstract painter and colorist, Delaunay applied her talents and theories to all areas of visual expression, including graphics, interiors, theater and film, fashion and textiles. A characteristic of Delaunay work is a vivid sense of movement and rhythm through careful color combination.
Color Moves: Art & Fashion by Sonia Delaunay focuses not only on her art but also her avant-garde fashion designs for her Atelier Simultane in Paris during the 1920s, as well as textiles she designed for the Metz & Co department store in Amsterdam in the 1930s.The book features essays by Delaunay experts Matteo de Leeuw-de Monti, Matilda McQuaid and Petra Timmer, accompanied by more than 300 paintings, drawings, designs, textiles, garments and photographs.’

An accomplished and celebrated artist, ‘Sonia Delaunay claimed the first retrospective for a living female artist at the Louvre. She described her textiles as mere “exercises in color” that informed her true passion, painting. But her work in fashion and the applied arts, via her Maison Delaunay design atelier, may well be her broader legacy.’

Images and excerpts “Color Moves: The Art and Fashion of Sonia Delaunay,” 2011, at the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum

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Simply Stated

This drop dead gorgeous kitchen is a wonderful source of inspiration for simple gestures in small spaces. It has an understated feel, restrained color palette, and a “not-too-much-going-on” appeal. While the color scheme is simple, the stained wood and the grid of the backsplash tile offer a subtle textural element in the space. My favorite design statement is the DIY solution for pendant lighting. Brilliant! An inexpensive, interesting and powerful presence in the space.

The eclectic collection of chairs, artwork and objects in the living area give a personality and warmth to this modern home. The rustic quality of the table is a great textural addition, yet it is beautifully integrated by painting it white, blending in with the surrounding walls, and managing its visual impact. The details are what make the difference. Did you notice the plumbing fixtures in the shower and at the sink are simple, expressed brass plumbing fittings? Love it.

Photography: Anna Kern via Sköna Hem via Solid Frog

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Tenka Gammelgaard Studio Denmark

While reading the October issue of Elle Decor UK, I came across some inspirational images of Danish artist and painter Tenka Gammelgaard’s studio. The purity of her black and white environment is no doubt an important component to her organizational approach. It at once feels a bit chaotic and very clean and organized. There is a sense of whimsy and fun in her style, both personally, visibly in her work. Just look at the time and care she has taken to integrate even her paint brushes into the composition of her space. Very thoughtful and deliberate, and yet, firmly founded in fun. The white floors invite the texture provided by black paint splatter, and the walls, where artwork has been posted and worked on also creates an abstract linear layer, which further invigorates and defines this space. I can imagine spending countless hours here, surrounded by organized chaos, and  a monochromatic field to fill.

Content and images found at Elle Décor UK,  images sourced here.


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Drawn In

An exciting new book Titled, Can I Text My Ex Gf nderline;”>Drawn In: A Peek into the Inspiring Sketchbooks of 44 Fine Artists Illustrators, Graphic Designers and Cartoonists, was released this month by author Julia Rothman. I am a lover of process, and there’s no better way to get inside the head of an artist or designer, than to look in their sketchbook. The pages are filled with images which provide an intimate view into the artistic process. Thoughts are made real through designing, testing and redesigning, and these step by step experiences allow us to understand how a piece of art or an object came to be.


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