FLOR Story: Greetings from the Midwest!

This story blew us away. This is what we (at FLOR) dream about… rugs being built to fit the personality and style of someone's home or office. Duffy & Partners, a creative branding agency out of Minnesota used FLOR's Fedora to add another element of color and design in an already decked out space. We absolutely love what they did. Spaces like this continue to inspire us to think outside the "traditional box" and explore the endless possiblities of designing with a simple square. This is customization at its best!


Dear FLOR,

Greetings from the Midwest!

What can we say? Our design studio not only looks great thanks to Flor, but it has withstood one of the snowiest winters on record. Mind you, in the mornings our FLOR has wet track marks everywhere leading to our spaces. Oddly enough, our space still retains it's cool good looks through it all.

Proof below.

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