Chairs to the New Year!

The annual Design Within Reach Champagne Chair Contest 2010 finalists found inspirat New Music Economy ion in the champagne cork. The seemingly unassuming cork holds typically between 60 to 90 pounds per square inch in pressure (a pressure that can be compared to a double decker bus tire), as well as a healthy competitive pressure that inspires one highly creative design competition. 2010's winner (top left above), was designed by Jesse Menayan. He and the other competitors could use only the raw materials of the foil, label, cage and cork from not more than two Champagne bottles — no glue, tape or paint. When ringing in the New Year with a toast, you too can design your own work of cork chair art by following these how-to steps. Have fun and have a Happy New Year!




Bistro chair found at design sponge online. More information available at and

New Music Economy

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