Why Don’t You…?

Image via Varpunen

…decorate your kitchen, DIY style?

Decorating genius Suki of Helsinki has this fabulous tip to offer apartment dwellers, renters – or anyone with a fickle decorating sense, for that matter: design with tape! Simple electrical tape, masking tape or even washi tape can turn the most average kitchen into a design haven for you and yours.

Go ahead; have some fun. It’s only temporary – what do you have to lose?

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And the 2012 Pritzker goes to…

This week it was announced that Chinese architect Wang Shu was awarded the 2012 Pritzker Architecture Prize. It’s been called the Nobel Prize of Architecture, and Wang Shu joins the likes of Frank Gehry, Tadao Ando, and Renzo Piano. He’s the first Chinese architect to be awarded the honor. Wang Shu is recognized for the work he has done in China including museums and libraries, all with respect and attention to the environment. His buildings have a strong design presence. The composition of his work is modern and deliberate, and incredibly varied in response to the site and building type.

“Wang, who founded his Amateur Architecture Studio firm with his wife, Lu Wenyu, in 1997, has served as the head of the architecture department of the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou since 2000. He is also a frequent visiting lecturer at universities around the world, including Harvard University, University of Texas and University of Pennsylvania.”

The formal Pritzker ceremony will be held May 25 in Beijing. Wang will receive a $100,000 grant and a bronze medallion.

Images and excerpts sourced at the Huffington Post.

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Whole Lotta Hoopla

So when I am not sifting through inspiration for this design blog, I am either sifting through inspiration for my wedding invitation business; sifting through inspiration on how to mother my children intentionally; or zonked out on the bed from hours of inspiration sifting…oh yeah…and you know, running a household, a small business and all that other stuff that goes on in my days.  Anyway, earlier this week, I was mid-sift of my wedding invitation business inspiration when I came across this amazing centerpiece display using embroidery hoops.


It reminded me of an image from a while back in Martha Stewart Weddings:

Embroidery hoops seem to bring an element of craft wherever they appear and I think that element, combined with carefully selected details, can truly create a beautiful piece.  I particularly love this fun, quirky bulletin board display by Etsy seller hoop.de.do.  The vibrant fabrics, paired with the various sizes of hoops are so inspiring!

Another sweet, utilitarian use for the basic embroidery hoop is this sweet calendar.

(I found it on Pinterest here and it was credited to this blog, but try as I might I couldn’t find it)

Of course, the embroidery hoop, being made to hold fabric, creates a wonderful frame for your favorite prints.  In a large display such as this one over at PurlBee, the hoops combine to make a powerful display.

Similarly, Caro at CaroThrift created a display over her bed that is a wonderful mix of size and pattern.

Lastly, this inspiring display from an Anthropologie store makes me smile.  I can imagine this would make a divine room divider in an open space or loft.

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The Importance of Art

Art can make or break a space, as evidenced in the below photo of Blunt’s creative office in London:

The piece was commissioned by artist Ian Stevenson and provides a clear example of how art (especially art with a sense of humor!) can add layers of design depth to any space.

Without this witty piece, the room would feel somewhat sad and empty, but now that it’s coupled with the simplest of art (no more than a canvas and a handpainted message), the space sings.

I’m feeling a DIY coming on… anyone else? ;)

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What’s your dream decor?

Ok, I’ll admit it. I am a Louis Vuitton design lover. For many years, I have been searching for and discovering the amazing handbags, store interiors and my all time fave item – the Louis Vuitton steamer trunk. While I personally have a super small Louis Vuitton collection (a bag here and a bag there – thank you, eBay), I certainly covet and dream about that steamer trunk.


I love the style, the elegance and the philosophy of the brand – all things that continue to guide my dream decor love for Louis. In some ways, this has led me to discover other decor and furniture in similar styles, colors or textures and opened up my eyes to new things.


And I also discovered that enjoying pictures of my pretty dream decor is perfectly fine – especially when the above dream decor has a price tag of, oh, $25,000.

Do you have a piece of dream decor? Share your favorite design styles with us.

:: Images by Rebecca Orlov ::

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