More Design with Kids in Mind

I’m just loving these fresh examples of combining kids and style as found via the ‘Good Design – Kids in Mind’ series over at 6th Street Design School

As you know, I am a total fan of washable furniture…as evidenced by my previously admitting that we own a white, slip-covered couch.  But slipcovers aren’t for everyone (thankfully – how boring would THAT be?).  Just take look at how delicious this gorgeous wingback chair is!  The kid-friendly secret: it’s been reupholstered in white vinyl! 

You know I’m a huge fan of the über-hot trend of painting a selection of frames all the same color and creating a large-scale display…

…but Michelle’s 5-year-old son over at Three Men and a Lady thought that was pointless (which, let’s be honest…we probably will all think that once the trend fades in a few years) so they now they use the frames to display a rotating selection of the kids’ artwork!


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