3 Unique Pencil Holders

Nothing makes me happier than glancing down at a quirky object on my desktop in the middle of a grueling work day. Surely I’m not alone, yes? And lately, I’ve been feeling restless with my current desk accessories and am in need of a tiny change. What better way to make a statement than with these three easy-to-incorporate DIY pencil holder ideas?:

Idea #1: Transform a vintage horse grooming brush (or otherwise large bristle utility brush) into a desktop accessory holder! Of course, if you’re not feeling crafty, you can purchase the above item for $68. (via Anthropologie)

Idea #2: Have a spare slinky lying around from your child’s playroom? Link the ends together to create an impromptu circle that will contain pencils, pens, business cards and then some. (via Real Simple)

Idea #3: Grab a ball of twine from your local dollar store and put it to use as a utensil holder that will provide the perfect handmade touch to any desktop. Easy peasy! (via Slumber Designs)

Happy work day, friends!

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