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Finding a beautifully-designed, modern and unique table can cost a fortune, and rightfully so. A surface area that provides both function and show-stopping form can certainly make a statement and elevate any space. But where to find a suitable option that won’t break the bank?


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Bright Idea: Spotlight Your Table


When I think of summer dinners, I think of fresh ingredients, slow eating and casual, long conversations. The days seem longer – less frenzied and rushed – leaving plenty of space for leisurely chats and open invitations. And of course, little nights feels more summery than al fresco dining on a patio surrounded by fresh air and leafy greens. Yet sometimes, summer heat sets in and the evening meal calls for the comfort of a luxurious A/C unit, al fresco or not.


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FLOR story : Blending Styles

FLOR was the perfect solution for this Pennsylvania family.  They needed a beautiful rug to provide a bit of style and durablity.  Check out how FLOR’s Shirt Stripe tile did the trick.


Dear FLOR,

My husband and I recently remodeled our dining room and throughout the process we were looking for a more contemporary look that would blend with the style of our colonial home as well as suit our needs having a Yellow Labrador Retriever.  Having battled with traditional areas rug in the past, we absolutely love the versatility of FLOR and its ease of cleaning (especially pet hair!)   We chose a parquet pattern of Shirt Stripe Flor tile in Lounge Stripe and we absolutely love it.  We are still working on the final decorating touches of our dining room; however, I wanted to share a photo of our progress.  We are now in the process of choosing FLOR options for our living room. Thanks for creating such a unique and user friendly product!


Sheryl & Brian - Lancaster, PA

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Why Don’t You…?

As we mentioned last week, decor and style is all about working with what you've got… and sometimes breaking the rules along the way. Take this kitchen, for example:

Opulent organization? Check. Hardwood floors? Check. Soothing, calming paint colors? Check, check and check.

Yet… wait a second. What's that we see hanging from those gorgeous exposed beams? Is that a — swing?

Indeed, it is. A swing hanging from the rafters of your neighbor's kitchen (We also spotted a unique storage solution in the rafters — did you notice?). The quirky symbol adds just the right amount of whimsy to an already-beautiful kitchen.

Proof that when you're questioning whether or not to infuse personality into a space, the answer is always yes.

Why don't you?

Image via House of Turquoise

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Thinking Outside the Square

When Nancy sent in her amazing dining room photos of her new FLOR installation we couldn’t wait to share her pictures.

Here is Nancy’s letter to FLOR:

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much we loved installing our new FLOR! Here are a few pics of our dining room FLOR. We used Feelin' Groovy in Black, Glitzy Silver and Titanium to achieve this look. I had never seen FLOR installed in a diagonal pattern but I think the result is pretty great and it makes the room feel larger!





Isn’t her design fantastic? The diagonal cuts that Nancy made around the wall and corners look professionally done. This is a great reminder of how easy FLOR is to install. All it takes is a little turn of a tile to build out a diamond argyle pattern that creates a unique look and brings a ton of personality to someone’s room/home. Terrific job Nancy - thanks for sending in your photos!  Have you done anything unique with your FLOR?



*If you have a FLOR story that you would like to share with us, please send in  your before & after photos to florstories@flor.com.

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