This image takes me back to Paris. Long tables filled with neighbors, some familiar, some not, all brought together in the community of sharing a meal. This simple design element of a long continuous table, imposes a behavior on the space. A necessary connection made by proximity. This intimacy, often only found in settings like small cafes or our own homes, is suddenly scaled to a much larger group. It effects not those just at the table, but the room as a whole, and the larger culture of community. A simple design choice, yet a powerful message of welcome. The idea of a long table where all can gather, is a wonderful element supporting connection and collaboration in the spaces we inhabit, whether at work, in our communities or at home. Try it. Especially in the warm season, a collection of tables ganged together out of doors where available space is no issue, creates a lovely opportunity to connect. Enjoy!

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A Match Made In Heath-en

When highly-acclaimed ceramic powerhouse Heath Ceramics pairs up with a local artist, you pay attention. And when that local artist is none other than Los Angeles-based artist Geoff McFetridge, you really listen up.

Thus, the latest collaboration between Heath Ceramics and Geoff McFetridge is one for the stars. Debuting in Los Angeles with a show entitled My Head Disappears When My Hands Are Thinking, the new line features graphic illustrations on timeless clay. A perfect combination, yes?

Congrats, Heath & Geoff! We hope to see much, much more from the both of you.

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9 For $9: The Kitchen Edition

Sometimes, the best things in life are free. Other times, they’re just cheap. In this case, I’ve spotted nine design finds to make your everyday kitchen/dining experience a bit more fun… all for less money than you spend at your local Chinese takeout spot.

Eat up!:

-Forget the dreaded PB&J mess. Instead, opt for a handy double-ended knife to keep the goop from the goo. ($9)
-Make your guests laugh with spaghetti-inspired scrubbers that clean stains faster than you can say basil. ($8.50)
-Cat salt & pepper shakers? Why not? ($7)
-Wine Lines are key for your next dinner party. Finally, a stylish alternative to the Sharpie! ($6)
-Wooden measuring spoons that are as easy on the eyes as they are on the wallet. ($9)
-Bored during dessert? Get crafty with origami napkins! ($8)
-The Dress for Dinner napkin will make any guest smile with its cheeky (and functional!) design. ($6)
-A sweet illustrated clam chowder tea towel will liven up your next dish duty. ($9)
-Mini cocktail forks are always a necessity, and these fit the bill. ($6)

Bon appetit, friends!

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A Black/White Industrial Kitchen

Behold, my dream kitchen. The bones are perfect: a mix of industrial and natural elements with a touch of quirky, home-spun details. In my opinion, it doesn't get any better than this.

Here's why it works:

1. The open shelving keeps the industrial, cold look from appearing too minimalist. By displaying fresh foods and ingredients (bread, flour, sugar), there are plenty of textures to keep the kitchen interesting and cozy.

2. The sleek stainless cabinetry juxtaposed with the white farmhouse sink create an eclectic mix that is hard to define, making it the perfect classic kitchen. In other words, because you can't place a finger on the time period in which this specific kitchen was designed, you've created a timeless atmosphere that will need little updates in the future.

3. Below, the sheepskins softly draped on the hard seating create another cozy layer to the space. After all, metal looks dreamy, but who wants to sit on a cold, hard bench for more than a few minutes?

All in all, this is a beautiful space, indeed. Although, admittedly, I'd add a touch of In Stitches under the dining room table. But, you know, that's me. ;)

[Images via AlltiHemmet]

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Scandinavian Dreams

I've been planning the perfect Thanksgiving in my head for months (I know, it's a bit early to chat about Thanksgiving, but it's November, so that counts for something, yes?).

I'm dreaming of a Scandinavian Thanksgiving, with black, white, wood and patterns. Of course, aprons, wooden spoons and tea towels are ever-present, but I'd also love to bring in some extra decor for the holidays. Mixing IKEA with some old classics, I think I've managed to get the look I'm dreaming of!:

Oh, I can feel the chill in the air already! Are you getting excited for Thanksgiving? How do you plan to decorate?

[all image credits at polyvore]

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