The New Shelf

Long gone are the days of minimal shelving and simple storage. Lately, shelves are getting just as much attention as the objects we lovingly display on them – big or small. The newest trend? Geometric shelving that makes a serious impact:

Above: The T.Shelf houses an extraordinarily large amount of trinkets in its angular nooks and crannies.

Above: Even without the books, the Crash storage system creates a surprising focal point for any wall.

Above: Corner shelving gets a facelift with the A Few of My Favorite Things shelf, made of solid Douglas Fir and handcrafted in Germany.

With so many fun and quirky options, I’ve no excuse for my boring and minimal shelving. Time to upgrade – stat!


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Why Don’t You…?

… turn your favorite sport into a one-of-a-kind wall installation?

Furniture designer Andy Whitcomb’s portfolio is chocked full of inspiration, but what really caught my eye was his stunning tennis racket art. How adorable would this be in a teen’s room, or perhaps displayed in a colorful, modern loft?

And why stop at tennis rackets? Get creative with your family’s favorite sport – from badminton birdies to vintage field hockey masks. Although I suppose if bowling is high on your list, displaying your favorite 8 pound Brunswick might require a bit of creative shelving. ;)

Happy decorating!

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A Case For Ladders

I’m a serious ladder junkie. Equal parts decorative and functional, there just always seems to be a purpose for a ladder in every home I see. But don’t take it from me – here are a few fantastic ways to make the most of a ladder in your own space!:

1. The Display Shelf

Image Credit: A Beach Cottage

Purely decorative in every way, a ladder can be used as a tiered display shelf for your favorite objects. Careful when displaying glass decor – rustic ladders aren’t necessarily known for their solid rungs!

2. The Organizer

Image Credit: Stylizimo

Short on closet space, but big on accessories? Organize your favorite baubles, belts and bags on a decorative ladder in your bedroom. Instant closet solution!

3. The Linen Closet

Image Credit: West Elm

Forget putting away those handtowels and linens – leave ‘em out in all of their glory! After all, homes are meant to be lived in, right?

Inspired yet? I’m curious: how many of you have ladders in your own home, and how do you use them? Feel free to share below!

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Why Don’t You…?

[Image via Poppytalk]

… ditch the picture frames?

For photography and art lovers alike, choosing a visual display for your walls can sometimes cause a serious case of decorating anxiety. Surely I’m not the only one, right?

Instead, why not opt for a subtle display by “framing” your art with Japanese masking (washi) tape or painter’s tape? The look is relaxed, informal and flexible, so you’ll suffer from art remorse no longer and can switch out your photos seasonally (or weekly if you’re anything like me!).

Bonus? You’ll save hundreds on picture frames alone. Happy hanging!

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Inspiration Only: The Heritage Cabinet

I spotted Boca do Lobo’s heritage cabinet on Yellowtrace this morning and can’t shake how lovely this statement cabinet piece is. Directly inspired by Portugal’s rich history, the cabinet is decorated with hand-painted tiles that form a story of what once lived — and will continue to live on.

Of course, the piece made me think about my own heritage, history and antique surroundings. There’s the apple crate from my grandfather’s farm, an oil lamp from a great grandfather’s attic… even a milkglass vase in our kitchen holds special meaning. I can’t help but think of the story they’ve told in my own life — and the stories they’ll continue to tell as years go on.

What sort of heritage pieces exist in your own home, and how do you display them? Spill it!

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