Make This: DIY Wall Hook

Have you ever worked with shrink film? I’m an admitted DIY failure, so the idea is incredibly daunting to me. But after spotting these adorable decorative wall hooks (that would be simply perfect in a tiny bedroom or quirky entryway!), I might be convinced that shrink film is a tool worth learning to use.


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Bright Idea: Patterned Paint Rollers

Wallpaper is all the rage in today’s trendiest homes, but it can take days (weeks?) to remove it once you’ve grown tired of the pattern. And with the cost of wallpaper steadily rising, it’s an investment that leaves many homeowners nervous about making the leap. Enter printed paint rollers, a genius idea discovered from this Etsy seller on a visit to Romania (and originally spotted on Apartment Therapy).


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A Dog-Friendly DIY

Oh, the things we do for our beloved pets. Isn’t this sweet little DIY the perfect gift for your grown dog?

With a pair of old, antique chairs, rubber lining and a few pet dishes, you can finally give Fido a seat at the table. Even better? It’s the perfect height for medium-to-large sized dogs, so no more back pain for the pups when bending over to eat from the floor!

Sure, it’s a stretch, but I think this project is charming and sweet. (And you know we love our dogs around here!) What about you guys? Seen any pet-friendly DIY ideas that you can’t wait to try in your own home? Spill it below!

Image Credit: Better Homes & Gardens

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The Beaded Home

Design is so often in the details that I find myself overlooking the sweetest of artistic touches in the home. It wasn’t until I perused my favorite international sites this morning that I noticed a similar theme popping up: wooden beads. Whether incorporated into the home as a functional cord or decorative planter, I’m loving the trend.

Here’s a look at a few great ideas you can try on your own!:

Above, Annaleena shared her “home necklace DIY” on Emmas Design Blogg, and I can’t wait to try the look myself! I can see it used as a window pull, but also as a sweet surprise hanging on an entryway wall.

In this photo, Riikka created a plant hanger using rope/twine and wooden beads. What a modern take on the vintage macrame technique!

How about this super smart idea? Beads can transform your everyday drawer pulls in a pinch. Above, Bolaget features a black modern design. Below, Tingelings opted for a more homespun look.

And lastly, wooden beads can offer a creative take on wardrobe storage. Don’t you love the below idea from Hommin?

So friends – are you inspired to take on the trend, one bead at a time? Happy crafting!

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3 Unique Pencil Holders

Nothing makes me happier than glancing down at a quirky object on my desktop in the middle of a grueling work day. Surely I’m not alone, yes? And lately, I’ve been feeling restless with my current desk accessories and am in need of a tiny change. What better way to make a statement than with these three easy-to-incorporate DIY pencil holder ideas?:

Idea #1: Transform a vintage horse grooming brush (or otherwise large bristle utility brush) into a desktop accessory holder! Of course, if you’re not feeling crafty, you can purchase the above item for $68. (via Anthropologie)

Idea #2: Have a spare slinky lying around from your child’s playroom? Link the ends together to create an impromptu circle that will contain pencils, pens, business cards and then some. (via Real Simple)

Idea #3: Grab a ball of twine from your local dollar store and put it to use as a utensil holder that will provide the perfect handmade touch to any desktop. Easy peasy! (via Slumber Designs)

Happy work day, friends!

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