Paper Chandeliers


Cristina Parreño created a stunning display at ARCO Madrid. One simple idea, applied en-masse becomes a  brilliant chandelier. A paper tube sculpture lights the dim room creating drama and intrigue. How great would this be in a loft space, restaurant, or even on a smaller scale, over the dining room table?  Low cost, low technical know-how, get stringing and start hanging! This is one DIY project that could really make an impact, and provide the necessary wow-factor to keep your dinner guests talking.

Image source  Cristina Parreño

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Why Don’t You…?

… transform your old shipping boxes into one-of-a-kind pendant lighting?

I’m an Amazon addict, so we have no shortage of cardboard coming in and out of our home daily. So what to do with the influx of boxes? I love this idea from Folkore Store spotted at This is Paper. After flattening the boxes and cutting them into thin strips for shaping, the strips are stacked and combined to create a 100% unique pendant that provides a touch of ingenuity to any space.

I love how the warm cardboard color and texture balances the stark white walls, especially when paired with the rustic wooden ladder pictured. Doesn’t the room just spark your creativity, even from afar?

Online shoppers unite – now we finally have an excuse to indulge! It’s all for the sake of decor, right?

Image Credit: Danielle Reid via This is Paper

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Le Plic

A modern wall sconce is often a design challenge. Something dynamic, offering not only ambient light to a room, but visual interest and a bit of drama. An expressive and gorgeous solution, the Le Pic designed by Nathalie Dewez. Offered by ligne-roset,, it throws light in an artful array, and creates focus to the mounting surface. The design is so stunningly simple: “The originality of this wall light lies in its simple use. Its construction is particularly ingenious: the ‘Plic’ is made of a round bulb with a lateral reflector; it is used as a torch that can be attached to different places with a spring-clip.” This spring clip attachment piece is where you come in. A DIY installation, creating a custom art installation unique to each user. You can arrange the bulbs however you fancy, the spacing and placement producing varied effect on mood of a room. Great fun!

Images and excerpt sourced at ligne-roset, and  the designers website, Nathalie Dewez.

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A Stunning DIY Bedside Lamp

You’re not going to believe this (really!), but this lamp? This lamp is a DIY project. A completely do-able one at that. Is your mouth gaping as wide as mine?

Finnish industrial design student Minni spotted a similar lamp and was inspired to recreate the look – on a serious budget. The best part? Every item used in the project was sourced from IKEA or a local hardware store, making it incredibly affordable (and seriously convenient if you’re lucky enough to live near an IKEA!).

If you’d like to tackle the project, Mini has a fantastic three-port tutorial here, here and here. [Warning: the concrete-pouring process looks a wee bit intimidating, but she gives some great tips on getting the job done!] Aren’t you amazed? Cheers to creative solutions on a dime!

Image Credit: Nimi Design

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The Best DIY Ever

Quick: Add a balloon, lace doilies, glue and patience to your shopping list.

Sounds like you're prepping for a party, but rather, you'd be prepping for the coolest pendant creation ever. Take a peek at this easy peasy lighting project created by DOS Family (found via More Design, Please), which was inspired by this $850 number at ReMade USA.

Truly amazing, yes? Filing this in my "must create ASAP" folder!

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