Why Don’t You…?

… color block your bed frame?

Even the most traditional of bed frames can look modern with nothing more than a roll of painter’s tape and a can of your favorite hue. Created by Barb of Knack Studios¬†and spotted on Poppytalk, I love the color palette, composition and bold statement of what used to be an average bed frame (photo below).

I think it suits just about any space, yes? Tell me, friends – would you give this DIY a try? (I definitely would!)

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A DIY Dixie Cup Garland

I have such fond memories of dixie cups from my days of Sunday school, childhood “picnics” and toothbrush gargling as a kid. And I suppose somewhere down the line, I completely forget they existed… until now.

Blogger Rhi adapted this idea from a Good Housekeeping magazine a few years ago, putting a lovely pastel spin on the project by creating scrapbook paper covers for each cup. After stringing a strand of Christmas lights through the cups, an instant party staple is born!

I love the look and think it would be equally stunning hanging from a fireplace, kid’s bedroom or quiet office corner all year long. So sweet, yes?

[Image Credits: Jenna McKenzie for The Loveliest Day]

What about you? Do you tend to utilize party decor throughout the year, or are they one-hit wonders in your home?

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Why Don’t You…?

… transform that stack of magazines into a useful (and visually interesting!) stool?

Created by German-based design label Nijstudio, the Hockenheimer stool aims to reduce clutter, save space and upcycle your everyday goods, transforming into a creation of ultimate function. Whether you choose to stack newspapers, magazines or your favorite design books, Nijstudio provides the base and belts — you do the rest!

I can’t help but think this would make a sweet DIY project with a bit of creativity. Any takers?

Via Dbriefed.

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The 5 Minute Storage Solution

You know that pile of laundry that sits on your bedroom floor? The “not-quite-dirty-enough-to-be-laundered” but certainly “not-clean-enough-to-be-placed-in-the-dresser” pile? Surely I’m not the only one.

Enter a quirky, yet genius solution: Dress boys. Take a few of those random chairs you collect, slice them in half and drill them into your wall (landlords beware!) for a fun, impromptu hanging station.

Ah, laziness can be so beautiful.

Via Ikea Hackers

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Bright Idea: Paint Chip Your Wall!

I stumbled upon a gorgeous image from Murobond yesterday and immediately felt inspired to create a similar look in my home — particularly in a rarely-used, nearly barren backsplash in our guest powder room. Take a peek:

It's lovely, yes? Of course, these paint chips are $1.50 each (AU), but I'm sure my local hardware store wouldn't mind me taking a few samples off their hands…

What do you think? Would you ever pin paint chips to your walls in lieu of artwork? I love the idea of trying unexpected color palettes to see what fits. Let the games begin!

Via Remodelista

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