Bright Idea: Patterned Paint Rollers

Wallpaper is all the rage in today’s trendiest homes, but it can take days (weeks?) to remove it once you’ve grown tired of the pattern. And with the cost of wallpaper steadily rising, it’s an investment that leaves many homeowners nervous about making the leap. Enter printed paint rollers, a genius idea discovered from this Etsy seller on a visit to Romania (and originally spotted on Apartment Therapy).


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Inspiration, Plywood Style

Inspiration boards are such a vital part of my daily surroundings, whether they be in the form of a kitchen cork board full of recipes or an office collage complete with beautiful photographs. Yet surprisingly, I’ve never seen one quite like this gorgeous plywood version above. I love the natural background of the wood, and it puts such a creative spin on traditional framing. Plus, you can arrange and rearrange the artwork to your heart’s content – without tape marks, pins or thumbtacks in your wall!

Tell me, do you guys keep up-to-date inspiration boards with positive affirmations or dreamy images? And would you give this plywood version a go in your own home? What other surprising inspiration boards have you seen? I’d love to hear!

Image: Mirva Kakko via Scandinavian Deko

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DIY – Sand and Water table

My husband is an accountant.  I love him dearly, but it isn’t a stretch to say that I am the more creative one in our relationship.  So when he took me aside a couple of weeks ago and stated that he wanted to build a sand and water table for our son, I thought I would be helpful and send him some plans that I found online for DIY sand and water tables like this perfectly simple one from Cara75 that I found on flickr:

…or this slightly more complex one from Handyman Wire

…or this one over at Bumble and Bean that I thought was the perfect combination of the two ideas:

My husband was patient with me while I sent him email after email of what I deemed ‘doable’ DIY sand and water table plans and then promptly explained to me that he wanted to make his own plans.  I TRIED to explain to him that was a bit like being a novice knitter and deciding to create a knitting pattern for a sweater….or being a new sewer and trying to make a new pattern for overalls…but in the end, his persistence paid off.

This past weekend, we debuted our son’s new, custom DESIGNED and MADE-by-daddy sand and water table complete with storage compartment for toys:

My husband DID decide to keep one element that I had suggested to him and used plastic bins for the actual sand and water:

…see…nothing fancy here, just a good ole’ under-the-bed storage container from the Container Store!

The corner of the unit has a toy bin on hinges for easy access.  We’re thinking we might add a hydraulic lift option to keep fingers from getting squashed.

Of course, all this beauty took a bit longer than ONE weekend to build, so our son got to try it out before it was finished.  It was definitely a hit!! In the end, I have to say, I am super impressed with not-so-handy-hubby’s skillz and I have promised never to doubt him again.  Ok…maybe not never, but not as often, I pinky swear.

Have you seen any other DIY’d kids stuff out there you care to share with the crowd?

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Two Twig Crafts

With fall right around the corner, it’s time to bring the outdoors in and embrace the new season. Here are two lovely twig crafts that I can’t wait to try over the next few days!

1. Starburst Twig Wreath
So, you love the starburst mirror look, but hate the price tag (me, too!). DIY a replica using little more than sticks and twine. It makes such a lovely welcome wreath for your front door, yes?

2. Stick Art Frame
Need a last minute piece of art or party decor? Gather some sticks and frame them — it truly is that easy. I love the silver frame, but think white would be smashing, as well!

Feeling inspired yet? Time to go outside and explore your own DIY ideas! Happy hunting!

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Decorate With… Flatware!

Life is indeed in the details, and I love the idea of re-purposing everyday objects to make a larger impact throughout your home. Case in point? The sudden surge of knives, forks and spoons serving (literally!) double duty in today’s modern home:

1. The Fork as a Cabinet Pull
After spotting this image, I was inspired to find something similar. Turns out you can store-bought fork pulls, or DIY a similar look with your favorite flatware piece (check out the spoons in this kitchen!).

2. The Spoon as a Decorative Wall Hanging System
Genius. Mugs and spoons working together to perform a beautiful storage solution. Why didn’t I think of that? (pictured above from Re-Nest)

3. The Knife as a Coat Hook
Equal parts quirky and unexpected, this cheeky knife coat hook made me smile.

How have you seen flatware re-purposed lately? Share below in the comments!

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