DIY Outdoor Shower


Tis the season for seashores, sand and outdoor showers. There is nothing better than bathing out of doors under the stars on a warm summer night. Although there are some delightful designer options available these days, the solution need not be expensive. By removing a traditional faucet fitting, and installing an extension with standard plumbing components, you’ll be up and running in no time. Installing a hot water line is key to comfort, but there are some great solar heaters available, if tapping into the hot water heater proves difficult. For privacy, a shower curtain will do the trick, or a for those more daring, a simple wood enclosure makes maintenance a breeze. A great summer moment. Enjoy!

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Grown up Tree Fort



Why should those darn kids have all the fun? Tree Forts are all grown up. A new book by Philip Jodidio explores the essence of place, perched high among the treetops. Elegant, Modern, and uniquely connected to nature. There is something downright magical about a birds eye view and the opportunity to take pause, to look at the world with fresh eyes. A great summer DIY project, a tree house need not be ‘fancy’, rather a simple retreat even in our own back yard offers a fresh perspective. An opportunity to create a focal point and tranquil destination in the landscape.

treehouse4An excerpt from the book:  ”a perch from which to contemplate life—the tree house can take as many forms as the imagination can offer. In times of concern for sustainability and ecological responsibility, the tree house may also be the ultimate symbol of life in symbiosis with nature. Whether rustic or contemporary in style, tree houses make the most of space. Climb into this trove of tree houses and enjoy a new perspective on the world.”

Images sourced at the publishers website:

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Why Don’t You…?


… make an impromptu stool with a stack of magazines and some belts?

I love how resourceful many stylists are, swooping in at the last minute to further beautify a less-than-perfect space. In this case, a bit of reading material goes a long way in bringing some personality (and surprise seating!) into the space. Such a fun idea, right?


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How Much Fabric Do I Need to Reupholster A…


Are you ready for your next DIY project? Have you ever wondered what it would cost to reupholster that weathered and worn sofa in your living room? Not sure about how much fabric it would take, right?  This wonderful diagram created by Dina of Honey and Fitz, puts those questions to rest. A great visual tool and handy reference to help budget for your project, and imagine the design possibilities. Thank you Dina!

chair2_520 chair3_520

Images sourced at Honey and Fitz

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Why Don’t You…?

book wallpaper

… create your own wallpaper with pages from your favorite book?

Wallpaper can be so beautiful in a variety of spaces, but it’s all so very permanent. And if you have decor anxiety like me, forever second-guessing your furnishing decisions, permanence can sometimes be a bad thing. The good news? With a bit of ingenuity, your favorite illustrative book and some poster putty, you can create your own temporary wallpaper – collage style!


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