Donald Judd’s Home and Studio, 101 Spring Street

The opportunity to experience the personal environment of an artist offers a unique peek into their process. Honoring the legacy of Donald Judd, his home and studio at 101 Spring Street will open to the public in June. ‘Donald Judd revolutionized practices and attitudes surrounding art making and the exhibition of art, primarily advocating for the permanent installation of works by artists in carefully selected environments. Judd achieved this goal for his own work and that of his colleagues at both his studio and residence at 101 Spring Street in New York and in various locations in and around Marfa, Texas.’

“Too often, I believe, the meaning of a work of art is lost as a result of a thoughtless or unsuitable placement of the work for display. The installation of my own work, for example, as well as that of others, is contemporary with its creation, and the space surrounding the work is crucial to it. Frequently as much thought has gone into the placement of a piece as into the piece itself. Accordingly, it is my hope that such of my works of art which I own at the time of my death are installed at 101 Spring Street in New York City, or in Marfa, Texas, will be preserved where they are installed.”
–Donald Judd, 1993

Judd Foundation’s mission is to maintain and preserve Donald Judd’s permanently installed living and working spaces, libraries, and archives in New York and Marfa, Texas. The architecture of the building, and space in which he displayed his work was an important element in the art’s creation and display.

Excerpts sourced at the  Judd FoundationImage Source.

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Entertaining at the Chinati…

The Chinati Foundation is a contemporary art museum established by minimalist artist Donald Judd (such a big fan of his!). Located on the former site of Fort D.A. Russell in Marfa, Texas, this museum houses large-scale installations across its vast 340 acres of land. A very limited number of artists exhibits here and each artist's work is installed in separate buildings on the museum's grounds – including old artillery sheds and army barracks – how cool is that? What really caught my eye was this former horse arena (shown above) which currently serves as a dining hall. I would love, love, love to throw a party at this space, complete with Judd's ultra simple and modern pine tables and chairs. Now that would be a designer's dream come true, mine for sure! Sigh…

… an outdoor grill designed by Judd himself. Love the simplicity of it all.

Partying aside – as an endnote, I would like to share this quote by Judd with you: "It takes a great deal of time and thought to install work carefully. This should not always be thrown away. Most art is fragile and some should be placed and never moved again. Somewhere a portion of contemporary art has to exist as an example of what the art and its context were meant to be. Somewhere, just as the platinum iridium meter guarantees the tape measure, a strict measure must exist for the art of this time and place." unquote.

{ all images scanned from Great Parties: The Best of Martha Stewart Living, photography by Todd Eberle }

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