DRY Soda

We are inspired by DRY Soda company headquartered in Seattle, WA.  The image above of their workspace depicts a bright, light-filled environment that has been stripped of unnecessary ornamentation, much like the product they produce. DRY Soda’s founder Sharelle Klaus set out in 2005 to create a soda that was less sweet, allowing the natural flavors to come through. She produced batch after batch of soda in her kitchen until she settled on the perfect flavors : Lavender, Kumquat, Lemongrass and Rhubarb. Since then, the line has grown to include Juniper Berry, Vanilla Bean, Wild Lime and my personal favorite, Cucumber.  The flavors are designed to be paired with food but are equally refreshing solo on a hot summer day, or as many DRY Soda enthusiasts have discovered, as a cocktail mixer.

DRY Soda’s headquarters are located in the Historic Pioneer Square neighborhood. Attached to the workspace, they’ve created a tasting room where you are invited to stop in and sample the unique flavor profiles, perhaps picking up a few four-packs to go!

We think we have a special kinship with DRY Soda – we’re both in the business of re-inventing classic products for modern lifestyles. What could be more classic than carpet and soda! We couldn’t have been more thrilled to see FLOR tiles at work throughout their inspiring space. DRY says that they love having FLOR tiles as it align’s with DRY’s values of employing sustainable business practices and using sustainably sourced products when possible. They also love the flexibility of swapping out tiles as needed – the Tasting Room gets thousands of visitors every year.

Their award winning packaging was created by the Seattle based firm Turnstyle. Interested in giving DRY Soda a try?  Well, if you are near any of our retail locations, we invite you to stop by on August 30th when we will be hosting a local designer(s) whose work incorporates the use of pattern – think textiles, wallpaper, products and more! DRY Soda has generously co-sponsored these events and you are all invited to join in on the fun (more details here).


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