Dwelle Sustainable Micro-Buildings

One could say I’m an avid micro-house enthusiast. I am always on the lookout for new interpretations of the simple idea of efficient living. Thinking about every surface and space as an opportunity for housing a function or purpose. I enjoy collected images as a sort of idea bank, which I draw on for inspiration.
I recently came across the work of the Manchester based Architecture group Dwelle. They were awarded Best Small House of the Year at the British Home Awards, among other mentions in the press for their prefab, sustainable micro-buildings. An offshoot of dwelle's larger prefab dwellings line eco home:works, they offer an option for modular, eco focused building. 

These minimalist prefabs are an interesting option for the homeowner looking for an efficient and cost effective dwelling. Micro-buildings could be a perfect full time residence, office or vacation home. The units take advantage of the verticality of the design by creating a sleeping loft above the kitchen and bathroom. This gesture allows for a double height space in the living area, creating the illusion of a much larger room. Large windows for access to views and for maximizing daylight offer a built solution for sun control, with wood slat louvers. The choices presented for exterior cladding alone are reason to give these dwellings a closer look. Unconventional options such as rubber, and concrete are openminded and forward thinking options.

The firms website provides information about their sustainability focus and execution on these petit dwellings. They currently offer four unit sizes appropriately titled big dwelle.ing, little dwelle.ing, office dwelle.ing and beach dwell.ing, ranging in size from 24 square metres to a mere 7.5 square metres. 

To learn more about the dwelle sustainable micro building, visit their website. All images courtesy of www.dwelle.co.uk.


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