The season of light is upon us, with displays ranging from vibrant  and glorious color to subdued tonal effects. Each experience communicating through the filtering of light however bold or subtle its intent. I love the light quality of winter. The sun is low and there is a brightness to the light that is uplifting when days are short and temperatures cold. DaDe Art and Design Lab’s ”H2O,  is a 10 foot collaborative sculptural piece inspired by the shape of a water drop. Created by Darcy Lundgren, Greg Fraser & Phillip Baldwin using approximately 400 empty limited edition 2008 Christian Lacroix prêt-à-porter Evian water bottles.” A beautiful and artful display emanating filtered light and organic form. I found this to be an especially refreshing and beautiful expression this holiday season. With an emphasis on sustainability, his work is focused on “environmental awareness- turning something wasteful into a work of art.”

Images and excerpts sourced at dadegallery.com

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Top Light

Have you ever saved your empty wine bottles to create an inexpensive, eco friendly candle stick? They look great, create a wonderful crafted aura to the table-scape, but aren’t without challenge. Perhaps your experience has been like mine, a beautiful light indeed, but the melted wax on the tabletop certainly puts a damper on things. ‘Top Light’ an ingenious, simple design by the talented folks at Design House Stockholm, solves the messy factor beautifully. A guest worthy solution, reusable for life long enjoyment. Now, why didn’t I think of that?

Images sourced at Design House Stockholm

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The JustK Eco House

I have the highest of regard for architects and the insane level of form and function they manage to marry in each of their designs. A true mix of science and art, great architecture is a rarity meant to be treasured for years to come.


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