Enjoy The Ride.

There’s nothing better at the end of a Chicago winter than dusting off the ol’ bike. To do so signifies summer has officially arrived. My family and I own some special bikes by¬†Electra. We have an incredible appreciation for them, beyond their valuable function. To us, they are art objects, and at the same time sophisticated machines. I love the motorcycle language of the cruiser line, the period references, and smokin’ hot paint jobs. Check out the level of detail, and handmade quality of these bikes. Handstitched leather seats, accessories worthy of prominent embellishment. ¬†Electra has introduced some new “designer” bikes over the past couple of years, and they have rightfully been getting some well desrved press. Two new Alexander Girard bikes (below), top the lineup. For those of you who are not familiar with them, it’s time to revisit the website and be inspired. Bike names like “Rat Rod” and “Rat Fink” are indicators of the car culture influences.


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