The Powers of Ten with FOOD

Watch The Power of Ten remade using food by Encyclopedia Pictura.

The Charles and Ray Eames film, The Power of Ten is a classic. One of the many important works by  Charles and Ray Eames. Simple in concept, but brilliantly presented and thought provoking. It portrays the critical link between science and design, beautifully. Now, here’s the fun part.  What would you think of  The Power of Ten remade using food ? Sound nutty?  Well, it definitely has a daily serving of fruits and vegetables. ‘Micro-Macro, is an animated short film that visualizes the nested scales of the physical universe using stop-motion-animated food.’ Yes, Food.  Created by Encyclopedia Pictura, they take us on journey of the concepts presented by the Eames’ such as ‘string theory, interpreted with Spaghetti, atoms as brussels sprouts and the multiverse as a many-layered red onion.’ These creative visual displays are paired with unexpected sound effects.

John Pavlus of Fast company sums it up well.  ”What makes Micro-Macro so great as a piece of pop-science communication is its willingness to go outside the obvious in its design. The “food as everything” metaphor could get predictable fast, but pairing each visualization with a soundtrack of bizarre-but-somehow-appropriate sound effects (like dolphin squeaks for quarks, which is a stroke of genius) keeps things lively. Another highlight: illustrating “organs” (the scale between “cells” and “bodies”) with two undulating swiss chard, which look exactly like wheezing lungs. It’s beautiful, clever, anatomically correct, and kind of gross at the same time. In a word: engaging–which is the highest praise a science video can aim for. The Eameses would approve.”

If you would like to revisit or learn of the original film, please watch the Charles and Ray Eames film, The Power of Ten here.

Image and excerpts found at  Fast Co Design

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