Pulp Lamp

I’m a big fan of paper-mache. I can’t think of another medium like it. It requires a sculptural sense, patience and a tactile tolerance for all things slimy and gooey. Paper Mache is not just for kids. On the contrary, in the hands of a talented designer and artist such as Enrique Romero, the sky’s the limit. Or at least the ceiling is.

The Pulp Lamp embraces the handmade, unique qualities of paper-mache. Translucent, sculptural and made only of a paste of recycled newspaper, this lighting collection offers functional objects of art. The application of the building process, working with paper paste, creates a series of layers of varied thickness and texture. This medium is perfect for lighting, as the finished object has a handmade individual form, and the transfer of light through the dried paper is absolutely beautiful. Enrique explores object scale in the design of his Pulp Lamp fixtures and by doing so, he creates a dynamic product; one that begs you to touch, and experience three dimensionally.

Spanish born Enrique Romero is a multi-diciplinary industrial designer, who speaks five languages, and has an affinity for detail. Talented and prolific, he is working with Pantone on color development, as well as developing his own design work. Creating lighting, packaging, exhibits, and even an interesting design for a scooter, his work is varied and distinct.

Kind-of makes you want to get your hands dirty doesn’t it? Nothing like finding inspiration in the simple things. Fill your balloon, and get to it.

Images found at Enrique Romero‘s website and subject found here.

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