Why Don’t You…?


…create a show-stopping, statement-making entrance?

We’ve all seen chalkboard walls, but I love how the above homeowners Briana and Dominic flipped the idea (quite literally!) onto its head with a creative entryway solution. By taping off a block of chalkboard paint that stops short of the floor and ceiling, the chalkboard “wraps” itself around two walls and leaves plenty of room for inspired messages – like the sideways phrase above. Such a lovely perspective to welcome your guests, yes?


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Why Don’t You…?

… live in symmetry?

I’m always drawn to spaces that are perfectly symmetrical – from the furnishings to the art, and everything between. Wonderfully balanced and surprisingly serene, a symmetrical space feels like a subconscious scrubbing of the mind: clean, fresh and orderly.

So what keeps the look from feeling too stuffy? By mixing a variety of textures, scales, shapes and patterns, symmetry can stand alone as the commonality of the room, letting it take center stage in both theme and aesthetic. As is the case with the Ty Larkins design above, a bold piece of art is grounded with a mix of geometric shapes in classic finishes Рthe perfect blend for balance and symmetry.

What do you think? Too neat or orderly for your taste? Or does symmetry provide you with just the right amount of organization? Spill it in the comments below!

Image via Ty Larkins

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Why Don’t You…?

Summer is a time of relaxation, long days — and even longer evening walks. Why not start a collection of found objects from your neighborhood and create a display like the above? I love how it looks primitive, even tribal, as if the family who lives there is telling a story with tiny artifacts.

The design is equal parts personal and unexpected — two of my favorite home traits! Time to break out the hammer and nails…

Image Credit: Gilles Trillard via Desire To Inspire

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Three DIY Ideas to Brighten Your Entryway

With the welcome addition of spring weather comes spring cleaning, yes? Why not start in your entryway and tackle a few organizational (and just for fun!) DIY projects to cheer up your space?:


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FLOR story – Entryway

A little color goes a long way. FLOR is the perfect solution for adding color and style to those lengthy hallways. Check out Jacquie's entryway.


Dear FLOR,

I loved the colors in the House Pet 2  rug to brighten up our entryway. We just moved into our home and it's a work in progress, but I intend to use the FLOR as the centerpiece of the space.


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