Two Smart (Unexpected!) Storage Tricks

Storage seems to be top of mind lately, with spring well on its way (here's hoping!) and de-cluttering days ahead of us. Naturally, you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled on two adorable and surprising storage solutions this week — want a peek?:

[Image: Say Yes to Hoboken]

Have some spare crown molding, or itching for a trip to the hardware store? This super affordable trim doubles as stylish shoe storage when painted a bright, vibrant color. Or, if you're the traditional type, let the molding shine in its original state of white. However you slice it, this trick works wonders in small spaces where floor space is limited. Brilliant!

[Image: Little Inspirations]

It's no secret; the entryway is one of the more important areas of your home. Sneak in a decorative element (I love this oar!) that doubles as a clothing rack for a smart solution that's as pretty as it is functional!

What did we miss? What are your favorite surprise storage tricks? Come on; don't leave us hanging (ha! pun!)!

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Entryways: Does Size Matter?

Entryways are by far my favorite space in the home. Not only are they often cute, sweet and tiny, but they're the first chance to show your guests that you mean serious decorating business. Even better? They don't have to be crazy large to make a massive bang.

Below, I've rounded up a few examples of fantastic entryways — with not a lot of square footage. Regardless of how much space you have to work with, there are many foolproof methods to maximizing your entryway's impact.


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