“Consistent and classic yet absolutely unique…”

I recently learned of the work of California based designer Erin Martin. Ms. Martin has a clean, refined style with a bit of wit mixed in. Love it. Her stylistic choices are classic yes, but these elements are carefully and strategically placed in a sea of restrained modernism. There are few materials, with a strong presence created with the scale of its use. For example, the modern interpretation of the classic adirondack chair below, looks to be built of repurposed wood, which immediately creates a lived in quality and element of comfort  to each user experience. Further, the chairs simple repetition is easy on the eyes, and the tonal pea gravel base further supports this beautiful, monochromatic composition. Looking at the bathroom sink and the kitchen above, you begin to see the power of this approach. The simple palette and clean lines allow the details of the space to become the focus. Beautiful work Erin.


Images sourced at http://www.erinmartindesign.com

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