Why Don’t You…?

…decorate the exterior of your house – all year long?

A creative landscaping job on the side of a home can make a world of difference, yes? Imagine walking by this house on a daily stroll; peering up to be welcomed by a cheerful sign that all we need in this world is love, love, love.

Even better? The possibilities of decorating with moss, greenery and shrubs are endless. Have a favorite shape, or perhaps some fun typography? Go to town! The more personalized, the better.

And here I thought unexpected decor was relegated to interiors. Happy landscaping!

Image Credit: CalliCrates2003

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A Cloud-Shaped House

Have you ever seen anything so original? Reserved for the truest of daydreamers, McBride Charles Ryans’ latest creation is truly a remarkable piece of architecture.

With a cloud-shaped exterior and an even more unexpected interior complete with wood paneling and a bright red kitchen, the Cloud House comes fully equipped with enough inspiration to last a lifetime. (Bonus? A breathtaking pool!)

Largely minimalist on the inside, the architecture of the home speaks for itself and lets each furnishing take a back seat to the bigger story: an inspired, unique structure with its head in the clouds.

All images via Inthralld.

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A+ Architecture: Times Eureka Pavilion

Some of my favorite buildings and structures are those that reflect their surroundings in a perfectly-planned, artistic fashion. And in the case of the Times Eureka Pavilion in London’s Botanical Gardens of Kew, “artistically fashioned” is a massive understatement.


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Why Don’t You…?

red ornaments

…deck the halls outside of your home? This image of a wintery wonderland boasting bright, bulbous and vibrant ornaments has me craving a full makeover of my home’s exterior decor. Over-sized ornaments can get pricey, so why not try the look with unexpected twists like spray-painted balloons or children’s kick balls? You’re sure to be the neighborhood gossip for 2012 and beyond!

What about you, friends? Do you decorate your home’s exterior, or do you like to keep the festivities indoors? Share below, and happy holidays!

Image via Reasons Four Loving Seasons

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