Farrow and Ball’s Interior Color Forecast

Farrow and Ball has released its Trend Forecast for 2012. Some sophisticated combinations, many unexpected. Several suggested have a retro feel. Many with high contrast, and muted tones. I find trend predictions interesting for color inspiration and a source of understanding of influences in the world of design. Much like a fashion spread, although they can followed literally, often they are best used as a great visual resource to better understand how color effects a space. The play of light on the dark charcoal in the image below, provides a range of effect on the perceived depth of color. Much like the pairing of the bright hues of orange and yellow, and the balance and vibrancy, and how they behave in the room.

When choosing a paint color for your room, it is often hard to visualize just how a color will impact a space. Many samples on the wall, often still, does not project the end result. Yet, when we can see a color in an environment, it is often just the tool needed to visualize our own. Look to the experts, such as Farrow and Ball, for tried and tested successful combinations of glorious color. These images are beautifully styled, simple, and they tell the intended story with an understated voice.

Release of Trend 2012 from Farrow-Ball. Images sourced at Trendland.





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