Behind the Scenes: Nursery photo shoot

We were lucky to have plenty of adorable babies on hand (thanks to what some might call a “FLOR baby boom” last year) to serve as models for a recent nursery photo shoot here in our offices.  Even though they may work at FLOR, these moms (and dads) are sold on the soft, practical ease of FLOR squares for their homes and their baby’s nursery.

While the office was a buzz cooing at our talent for the day, our design team went to work creating FLOR nursery look #1.

We love the wall decal our stylist chose.  It was a cinch to apply and easily comes off without ruining the paint, so you can use, re-use or add to your decal design any time you want.  We love the sleek, modern crib and the cool rocker (a vintage Eames Shell chair).  The teddy bear is vintage and totally adorable.

Everyone had a great time … and we got through the entire day without a single meltdown (thankfully)!

We wanted to keep everybody happy, so there were lots of quick “snack breaks”.  Our “model”, Miles, looks like he’s enjoying himself immensely.

Our design team used Toy Poodle to create a colorful patchwork design – perfect for boys or girls – with flexibility that can grow with your newborn into their toddler years, the tweens and beyond.

Toy Poodle is cushy and soft, which is an important consideration when choosing any kind of floorcovering for a baby’s room.  You don’t want something hard or bristly on those tender knees!

We love the final look.  It’s colorful, cozy, inviting and sophisticated enough to blend with the rest of your well-appointed home.

We created three other baby room designs that day.  Here are the results from those:

Look #2:  You probably wouldn’t think to put an Oriental rug in a baby’s nursery given what can happen.  But, FLOR’s version of Oriental means you don’t have to worry about messes or ruining an heirloom.  Shown here is Reoriented in pink.


Look #3:  We went with Modern Mix in blue to create a serene room for Camden.  It’s our version of a solid, updated.

Look #4:  A field of green in two textures is a look that you can only do with FLOR.  We mixed the plush shag of Rake Me Over with the clean look of Feelin’ Groovy for a textural twist.

Credits:  All cribs, dressers and bedding supplied courtesy of eco-minded Argington.  (We used a mix from their Sahara and Bam collections, both available in either ebony or white finish).  Wall decal and mobile from Land of Nod. Eames rocker from Pegboard Modern.  The teddy bears are vintage; the pink elephant comes from Soft Goods Design; and, the owl belongs to Miles.


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Behind the Scenes: FLOR’s 2011 Summer Catalog Photo Shoot

We receive numerous inquires about the photos in our catalog.  So many, in fact, that I decided to tag along for a day at our summer catalog photo shoot to see how these beautiful rooms and images are created.

First off, I have to confess that I had a blast.  I’m not sure if it’s because I feel like I’m getting exclusive information before anyone else or if it’s because being able to say, “I’m sorry, can I call you back?  I’m at a photo shoot” sounds so cool or if it’s because I get to see some of the most beautiful homes and peek around at jaw-dropping interior design.  Whatever it is, it was a great experience.

In case you haven’t already heard, unlike most companies, FLOR shoots all of its catalog photography in real people’s homes – not staged studios.  Our creative team will scout these spaces weeks in advance of the actual shoot date and meticulously plot out which  styles should go where.

The furniture and fixtures you see in each room all belong to the owner of that particular home.  We choose homes that have unique architectural elements such as intricate arches or angles, or large open spaces or vast windows.

The FLOR team does add a few styling elements like pillows, shoes …

Or,  accessories like a vase or a ceramic to add a bit of personality.

Once everything is set, the photographer snaps his lens and the FLOR team scrutinizes each photo on a computer to make sure the product and lighting are perfect.

It is a fascinating and meticulous process.  The day I was there, five new FLOR rug designs were scheduled to be shot.  You would think that one full day is plenty of time to take a few photos; but I quickly realized the amount of time, care and attention required to make these gorgeous images cannot (and should not) be rushed.

Because in the end, patience paid off .  The end result was used as one of  FLOR’s beautiful catalog covers – this one featuring Feelin’ Groovy in various hues of purple.

For more Behind the Scenes photos visit FLOR’s facebook page/photo album – Behind the Scenes


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FLOR story – My New Condo

It thrills us to know that our customers get so excited about designing their homes and we feel so honored when we get to be a part of that design. Check out Jenn's FLOR story and how she ended up choosing the rug that completed her space.


Dear FLOR,

I LOVE MY FLOR! I just moved into my first condo and I was dying to decorate. FLOR was definitely one of the first things that came to mind. I am not a huge risk taker when it comes to color, but I really wanted a little bit of it in my space. I couldn't decide if I wanted the pillows to pop or if my rug was going to be the focal point. After spending countless hours on your FLOR builder and chatting it up with Colleen ( I think that was her name) from customer service, I came up with my rug. I had some very colorful combinations picked out, but in the end I decided to go with a more subtle color (Oyster). It may not look very exciting in this photo, but it is such a prettier alternative to cream or beige. 

And, a huge thank you to Colleen for her great tips.  She suggested ordering two different styles of the same color to create some interest. So, my design is made up of Rake Me Over and Feeling Groovy. I had thoughts about putting the tiles in a checkerboard pattern, but after moving them around a few times, I decided on striping them. It's hard to see the texture change in the photo, but in person it really makes a difference. Hope you like it as much as I do. Thanks for all of your help. I'll definitely be ordering more FLOR in the near future. 



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We Have a Winner!

A couple of weeks ago I shared some of the FLOR patterns and colors we have been considering for our living room. Among the candidates were carpet tiles in yellow, blue, silver, and white. (Many thanks to those of you who shared your opinions!) Well, we finally made a decision (drumroll, please) … Feelin' Groovy in Lagoon!

We had initially planned on getting a yellow rug but when we saw the blue Lagoon sample, which we had kind of ordered on a whim, we knew it was the one. The color is fantastically rich and subtle variations in weave provide some textural interest. It brings a level of comfort and sophistication to the living room without being boring. We love the way it looks with our grey walls and grey-green Modernica Case Study couches! (Reupholstering the couches is next on the list; perhaps you can help us choose that color and fabric, too… ;) )

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Thinking Outside the Square

When Nancy sent in her amazing dining room photos of her new FLOR installation we couldn’t wait to share her pictures.

Here is Nancy’s letter to FLOR:

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much we loved installing our new FLOR! Here are a few pics of our dining room FLOR. We used Feelin' Groovy in Black, Glitzy Silver and Titanium to achieve this look. I had never seen FLOR installed in a diagonal pattern but I think the result is pretty great and it makes the room feel larger!





Isn’t her design fantastic? The diagonal cuts that Nancy made around the wall and corners look professionally done. This is a great reminder of how easy FLOR is to install. All it takes is a little turn of a tile to build out a diamond argyle pattern that creates a unique look and brings a ton of personality to someone’s room/home. Terrific job Nancy - thanks for sending in your photos!  Have you done anything unique with your FLOR?



*If you have a FLOR story that you would like to share with us, please send in  your before & after photos to

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