The Outdoor Room

Nothing says fall, like gathering around the fire on a cool, crisp evening.

The fire pit often functions as a central focal point for seating groups and gathering in an outdoor room.  Whether a fixed element in a space, providing a place to sit or perch, or a moveable focal point which can adapt to the size of the group and the direction of the wind, a fire pit is a strong organizing element in the space.

My family looks forward to s’mor-ing, and even cooking over the open fire.   While a tradition welcoming fall, it is also an attempt to extend the summer season and the memories of our annual camping trip.

I began searching for a new vessel for our courtyard, and found there are many interesting fire pits available.  Maintenance-free materials, innovative shapes, and solutions for a range of budgets provide many great options to choose from.

I enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of a wood fire.  The crackle and the visual and physical warmth it provides is comforting and relaxing.  For a gas fire, there are several great table-top options available.  The sleek modern design and clean burn makes an elegant center piece.

Enjoy the season.

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