Decorate With… Flatware!

Life is indeed in the details, and I love the idea of re-purposing everyday objects to make a larger impact throughout your home. Case in point? The sudden surge of knives, forks and spoons serving (literally!) double duty in today’s modern home:

1. The Fork as a Cabinet Pull
After spotting this image, I was inspired to find something similar. Turns out you can store-bought fork pulls, or DIY a similar look with your favorite flatware piece (check out the spoons in this kitchen!).

2. The Spoon as a Decorative Wall Hanging System
Genius. Mugs and spoons working together to perform a beautiful storage solution. Why didn’t I think of that? (pictured above from Re-Nest)

3. The Knife as a Coat Hook
Equal parts quirky and unexpected, this cheeky knife coat hook made me smile.

How have you seen flatware re-purposed lately? Share below in the comments!

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