Why Don’t You…?


…camouflage that aged, stained floor with a striped redeux?


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Patterned Floors: Two Ways

When it comes to flooring, you can do one of two things: (1) go big, or (2) go home. But the good news? Either option can make for a beautiful space. Take a look at these two rooms, both using a gray/white patterned floor, but in very different ways:

Image Credit: Linda Bergroth via Annie Decor

In the photo above, the patterned floor is the star of the show. By keeping the walls, tiling and fixtures a neutral white (with natural accents), the floor can truly pop. Yet in the below photo, a gray and white floor blends into a space full of varied patterns and textures, creating a whimsical, eclectic aesthetic…


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Why Don’t You…?

Image Credit: The Style Files

… install beadboard on everything!

Contrary to what you might think, wood paneling provides depth in a space, making it feel larger when installed properly. In the home above, the vertical lines make the ceiling appear a bit higher, and the contrasting horizontal lines on the floor and ceiling provide balance while “widening” the room.

When painted or whitewashed in a light shade, the beadboard’s texture creates a calm and serene space for any home. I can’t get enough of this look — what do you think?

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Stripe It Good!

Classic stripes are one of my favorite patterns, and admittedly, it's one of the easier ones to incorporate into decor. Surprisingly, my favorite way to infuse stripes into any space is via floors or ceilings — an unexpected and lighthearted twist to the usual patterned accessories and furnishings. In fact, striped floors have been making a comeback in my own world ever since an art installation in early 2008 left me reeling: Glasgow-based Jim Lambie rocked the MOMA with a much-needed dose of color and architectural influence by striping its floors using little more than vinyl tape. Genius, yes? Although the process looks incredibly daunting (my lower back hurts just viewing this installation photo!), I love the surprise element of patterned floors in vibrant colors. Naturally, I fear vinyl tape wouldn't look quite as finished as I'd like in my own home, but why not try the look with elemental striped rugs created by FLORs truly? The aesthetic is just as unexpected, but decidedly more posh and comfortable (not to mention much more kid-friendly, I'd imagine!). Top off the patterned frenzy with a DIY striped blanket ottoman (tutorial courtesy of Re-Nest!) and you'll have the coolest home on the block. Happy striping, friends!

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