Check out these Cribs

Have you ever come across something in a design magazine or in a shelter blog or on Pinterest and just thought to yourself, “well, duh – that’s just too perfect for words”.  That’s EXACTLY how I feel about what I have to share with you all today.

Perhaps it is because I am still deep in the ‘trenches’ of baby hood with my youngest child, but it never even dawned on me that the crib mattress could ever be repurposed into anything once it was done being used in its original function.

And then I saw this:


Someone (I’m not sure who because after an exhaustive, 3 hour search down many a rabbit hole on the internet the only source I could find was here) took a crib mattress, mounted it on some wood shelving units and styled the heck out of it and I am smitten.  SMITTEN I tell you!

So, of course, I had to find some other inspiration to share with you!

Fab Rehab Creations saw the same inspiration (above) and created this lovely daybed for her sons:

And another similar transformation can be found over at HGTV, submitted by the incomparable Ana White:

In fact, once I got started, it was hard to STOP finding great crib turned daybed ideas.  I particularly like these next two because they actually use the rails of the cribs as well:


(found here but originally from these fine people)

And I found this amazing outdoor seating option that uses an old pallet with a crib mattress over at Lottas Himmelrom

Well – it turns out it isn’t just the crib mattress you can repurpose.  Check out these lovely inspiration boards created from crib springs!  Seriously!!  People are so inventive…I just LOVE it!


(found here and credited to Pinterest – sorry peeps, I tried to credit it further but quit after two hours)

Have you ever repurposed a crib mattress or frame?

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West Hollywood Rolls Out the Red Carpet

West Hollywood is the latest store to open its doors, marking our third retail location in California and ninth overall. Located at 9020 Beverly Boulevard in the heart of the Los Angeles design community, FLOR gives Californians another spot to come in and take the ultimate toe test.

FLOR’s Grand Opening kicked off with old friends and new faces gathering to celebrate.

Like all our FLOR Stores, the West Hollywood location allows customers the chance to interact with their favorite colors, textures and patterns up close and in person.

FLOR is excited to be a part of such an innovative, fashion-forward design community in Los Angeles and we look forward to continuing to grow our Southern California roots.

To view more photos of the grand opening event and the fun we had with Smilebooth click here and here.


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Whole Lotta Hoopla

So when I am not sifting through inspiration for this design blog, I am either sifting through inspiration for my wedding invitation business; sifting through inspiration on how to mother my children intentionally; or zonked out on the bed from hours of inspiration sifting…oh yeah…and you know, running a household, a small business and all that other stuff that goes on in my days.  Anyway, earlier this week, I was mid-sift of my wedding invitation business inspiration when I came across this amazing centerpiece display using embroidery hoops.


It reminded me of an image from a while back in Martha Stewart Weddings:

Embroidery hoops seem to bring an element of craft wherever they appear and I think that element, combined with carefully selected details, can truly create a beautiful piece.  I particularly love this fun, quirky bulletin board display by Etsy seller  The vibrant fabrics, paired with the various sizes of hoops are so inspiring!

Another sweet, utilitarian use for the basic embroidery hoop is this sweet calendar.

(I found it on Pinterest here and it was credited to this blog, but try as I might I couldn’t find it)

Of course, the embroidery hoop, being made to hold fabric, creates a wonderful frame for your favorite prints.  In a large display such as this one over at PurlBee, the hoops combine to make a powerful display.

Similarly, Caro at CaroThrift created a display over her bed that is a wonderful mix of size and pattern.

Lastly, this inspiring display from an Anthropologie store makes me smile.  I can imagine this would make a divine room divider in an open space or loft.

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FLOR Story: Uncorked Studios

Hello FLOR,

We’re a small software design studio located in Portland, Oregon. We recently moved into a new office space in a really cool warehouse building on the east side of Portland.  There are many great things about our space: there’s tons of light, different areas for our team to work creatively, and really tall walls, which are great for marker boards and sticky notes.

The only downside to our space is the acoustics. With concrete on the floors, walls and ceiling, there’s a lot of echo. While we liked rugs, it wasn’t cost-effective to cover our space in them. So we chose Flor tiles for our main work space. We’re planning on adding more for each of our rooms as our furniture arrives. It was really easy to install them, and they’ve held up well to our foot traffic and dog traffic as well.

Here are some photos of our space. We shot quite a few, including some that show how we’ve been using our FLOR samples as coasters. (They make great coasters believe it or not).

Thanks for making a great product!


Uncorked Studios

Ups & Downs

FLOR samples used as coasters

 Button Rugs


To see more stories like this one click here. If you have a FLOR story that you would like to share, email it to us at or post it to facebook or twitter (& tag us) and you can receive 10% off your next purchase.

For more information or questions about FLOR you can visit us at, call our design assistance at 866.952.4093 or visit a store near you!

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FLOR Story: Simple & Stylish


We love FLOR tiles!!!  They foster what seems like an endless supply of creativity and imagination on our side and because you’re always adding new designs we’ve never needed to shop any place else in the past three years .  Our modern style is important to us yet we also want to ensure that our place feels warm, functional and practical too.  We have an energetic dog and a tornado (otherwise known as a cat) that chase each other around the house from FLOR rug to FLOR rug.  So, your tiles have clocked loads of mileage over the past three years but you’d never know it by looking at them!  And, when there’s “emergency” clean-up around the house the FLOR tiles are usually involved.  Tail wags + Red wine = 911.  What we’ve found though is that what doesn’t wipe right up with a microfiber cloth and cold water goes into the kitchen sink for a hose down and then back to the floor like new.  We’ve shared this story many times with friends and family and it’s hard for them to imagine so much durability in a floor covering.  Of course, what most folks admire most about the tiles is that they’re a SIMPLE and SUPER STYLISH addition to every room in our house.  Attached is a snap of our latest creation: a modern take on Toy Poodle in Plum, Purple, Pewter and Bone.  LOVE IT!

Best Regards,



To see more stories like this one click here. If you have a FLOR story that you would like to share, email it to us at or post it to facebook or twitter (& tag us) and you can receive 10% off your next purchase.

For more information or questions about FLOR you can visit us at, call our design assistance at 866.952.4093 or visit a store near you!


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