Designing for Spring

We recently shared with you the Evolution of our FLOR Stores, complete with street-level views of our seven retail locations.

Well, we think it’s time to take a stroll inside those walls and give you a glimpse of what our design consultants are up to. With several new styles launching this Spring, our store consultants got a chance to show off their design chops and, as usual, they didn’t disappoint.  Here are just a few of the in-store rugs they fashioned.

Atlanta and Chicago each had their own version of a basket weave.

Brooklyn went full tilt with Full Kilt.

Chicago and Santa Monica were all about vibrant colors in our Fedora (felt) texture

Dallas showed its luxury side with this plush rug inset with a border

Our designers in Houston and Atlanta showed off those runners for narrow spaces.

To see the whole Spring Collection in person and the unique rugs our design consultants can create for you, visit a FLOR Store near you.

And for those of you currently not near a FLOR Store, keep an eye out as we have new stores opening up this Spring and may have one coming to your city (we’re looking at you, San Francisco).

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Fall is in the air…

The cover of the latest FLOR catalog shows a warm and cozy bedroom outfitted with a beautiful stripe pattern we call Fall In Line – how appropriate for the coming season. How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Fall In Line is the perfect style if you’re looking for a little diversity in your flooring but aren’t ready to commit to a more opinionated stripe design. Fall In Line blends soothing neutral hues in tidy, organized stripes that give just enough texture to your floor without stealing the show.

Our designers have paired it here with this gorgeous rustic wooden bed but it could just as easily adapt to a sleek modern decor.  Whichever you choose, it’s a solid performer with impeccable style … you can’t go wrong.

If you seek other options, check out our full range of pattern designs – there’s one for every aesthetic.




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Carpet Query: Which Would You Choose?

When Gregory and I moved into our new apartment a few months ago, we brought along the faux bois-patterned carpet tiles from our former living room. However, after a while we decided that they just didn't look right in the new space with its palette of grey walls and yellow accents. (Fortunately they do go very well in our new woodland-y bedroom, so we just picked up them up and moved them.) Now the question is, what should we replace them with?

As I mentioned the other day, we ordered some FLOR samples, which have proven to be very useful for evaulating color, pattern, and texture (especially with the help of our little testers). In order to get a sense of what a full-size carpet might look like, we are also in the midst of Fun With Photoshop!


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