The Design Philosophy Behind FLOR

There is truly no one more passionate about squares of carpet and what a difference they can have on how people live than our head of creative strategy and product development, Chip DeGrace.

In this video, Chip talks about key concepts behind FLOR’s design philosophy:  innovation, replaceable and recyclable.  He explains that the modular, 50cm FLOR square is not simply a piece of carpet cut into that shape; but, rather, an intentional, thoughtful design choice.  Chip shares that the end result of all of this thinking and exploration is a flexible product that you can use to create custom shapes, sizes and design configurations and a pragmatic product actually lives with you.

We believe the tremendous thought behind FLOR squares makes a difference in the final product delivered to you.  We vow to continue our commitment to innovation and responsible manufacturing as the company grows and expands in the future.

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