Fall is in the air…

The cover of the latest FLOR catalog shows a warm and cozy bedroom outfitted with a beautiful stripe pattern we call Fall In Line – how appropriate for the coming season. How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Fall In Line is the perfect style if you’re looking for a little diversity in your flooring but aren’t ready to commit to a more opinionated stripe design. Fall In Line blends soothing neutral hues in tidy, organized stripes that give just enough texture to your floor without stealing the show.

Our designers have paired it here with this gorgeous rustic wooden bed but it could just as easily adapt to a sleek modern decor.  Whichever you choose, it’s a solid performer with impeccable style … you can’t go wrong.

If you seek other options, check out our full range of pattern designs – there’s one for every aesthetic.




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FLOR Story: The Office

Not your ordinary office space … 

We were left speechless when we received these photos of a recent FLOR installation at a popular television network office in New York City.  Our designers worked closely with the team there to create nothing short of a stunning spectrum of color. 

 The installation showcases the breadth of color in the FLOR product line – combined with different textures – to create different color zones throughout the space.  We love how certain colors at doorways trickle into individual offices to play out that hue in all its glory.

 We think this demonstrates beautifully just how well FLOR squares can define a space within a space and add personality to a place that most of us spend the majority of our day. 

 It certainly makes for an inspiring environment that I think anyone would love to work in.  Inspirational indeed.  


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