Check out these Cribs

Have you ever come across something in a design magazine or in a shelter blog or on Pinterest and just thought to yourself, “well, duh – that’s just too perfect for words”.  That’s EXACTLY how I feel about what I have to share with you all today.

Perhaps it is because I am still deep in the ‘trenches’ of baby hood with my youngest child, but it never even dawned on me that the crib mattress could ever be repurposed into anything once it was done being used in its original function.

And then I saw this:


Someone (I’m not sure who because after an exhaustive, 3 hour search down many a rabbit hole on the internet the only source I could find was here) took a crib mattress, mounted it on some wood shelving units and styled the heck out of it and I am smitten.  SMITTEN I tell you!

So, of course, I had to find some other inspiration to share with you!

Fab Rehab Creations saw the same inspiration (above) and created this lovely daybed for her sons:

And another similar transformation can be found over at HGTV, submitted by the incomparable Ana White:

In fact, once I got started, it was hard to STOP finding great crib turned daybed ideas.  I particularly like these next two because they actually use the rails of the cribs as well:


(found here but originally from these fine people)

And I found this amazing outdoor seating option that uses an old pallet with a crib mattress over at Lottas Himmelrom

Well – it turns out it isn’t just the crib mattress you can repurpose.  Check out these lovely inspiration boards created from crib springs!  Seriously!!  People are so inventive…I just LOVE it!


(found here and credited to Pinterest – sorry peeps, I tried to credit it further but quit after two hours)

Have you ever repurposed a crib mattress or frame?

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FLOR Story : Crazy Colorful

Dear FLOR,

Even before we found out we were having a baby, we were looking forward to redecorating a room for a little one. So, once we knew we were having an actual baby, we started throwing around ideas. It should be colorful. Crazy colorful. Our home more generally is full of nutty colors but a kid’s room seemed like a perfect opportunity to go all out on color.

While the website was fun to use, we wanted to see the tiles in person before we ordered something for the baby’s room.  We headed to the Flor store near us (in Chicago) and worked with Kim, who showed us all sorts of tiles.  After working with us for awhile, helping us zero in on a palette of tiles we liked, and seeing that we were open to lots of ideas, Kim suggested taking the tiles we liked and laying them out in a striped pattern. She laid it out on her laptop (and even emailed us a .pdf of the design to use when we set up the tiles).  We hadn’t thought of stripes but immediately felt like it was a super cool way to capitalize on the modularity of Flor tiles.

We had a bunch of fun putting the tiles together and the Flor definitely fulfilled our desire for a unique and nutty carpet in our baby’s room. We really love her room, hopefully she will too!


Matthew – Chicago, IL

To see more stories like this one click here. If you have a FLOR story that you would like to share, email it to us at or post it to facebook or twitter (& tag us) and you can receive 10% off your next purchase.

For more information or questions about FLOR you can visit us at, call our design assistance at 866.952.4093 or visit a store near you!


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A Color Story – Mix & Match A Dining Room


Today’s A Color Story is all about mixing it up and getting comfortable with color and texture.  It’s not always easy for people to mix and match. It feels like it would be “off” or “clash”. Sometimes, this is true. And sometimes, it works. Over the years, I have found myself leaning towards a mix of color and texture and I now love the look and vibe of introducing items that {potentially} contrast. I spotted this gorgeous dining space and thought it was a great room to share a few tricks for getting comfy with different color and materials.

1)     Find the common denominator. It may not seem that there’s a balance here but there is and it’s in the clean lines of the furniture and décor. The table legs, chairs, bar and even the framed art work have clean, straight lines. This can really add balance to a space and make it feel harmonious.

2)     Pick your color palette. If you look closely, you will see that the room was designed with a color palette in mind. Reds, yellows and pops of blue are introduced throughout the small space. Even the flowers on the table stay inside the color palette. Consider adding elements in various color and texture that feel cohesive even through they are different.

3)     Embrace your whimsical side. Mixing and matching style is a fantastic way to share your personality though your décor. By following the first 2 tips, you can have a refined space so don’t fret about that. Enjoy the chance to let your style shine in your home.

4)     Clear is good. Don’t you love the addition of the Ghost chair in this dining room? I think it looks great and encourage you to add some type of “see-through” décor to your room when designing. Whether it’s this chair, a glass shelf, an acrylic console – adding décor that is a true neutral to your mixed style will ease some of the contrast. Also, this style of décor let’s your eyes move through the space

5)     Keep a neutral foundation. When mixing and matching color and material, consider keeping the foundation of the space neutral. This space has bright white walls and a clean wood floor – the perfect backdrop for the décor and furniture in the mix.

Do you mix and match in your home?  How do you design a space with different décor styles?

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West Hollywood Rolls Out the Red Carpet

West Hollywood is the latest store to open its doors, marking our third retail location in California and ninth overall. Located at 9020 Beverly Boulevard in the heart of the Los Angeles design community, FLOR gives Californians another spot to come in and take the ultimate toe test.

FLOR’s Grand Opening kicked off with old friends and new faces gathering to celebrate.

Like all our FLOR Stores, the West Hollywood location allows customers the chance to interact with their favorite colors, textures and patterns up close and in person.

FLOR is excited to be a part of such an innovative, fashion-forward design community in Los Angeles and we look forward to continuing to grow our Southern California roots.

To view more photos of the grand opening event and the fun we had with Smilebooth click here and here.


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The Inspiration Behind The Design – Pretty Pieces

FLOR’s Pretty Pieces rug takes our grid-like system of squares and transforms it into invigorating patterns that seem to go on endlessly.

This rug is a combination of four individual FLOR styles – Cambium, Force Field, Petal Pusher and Cut Flowers that possess random patterns so no two tiles are alike.  These free flowing saturated colors and textures give the feel of walking into a beautiful garden.

The inspiration for this rug came from Josef Frank, widely regarded as one of the greatest influences in the history of architecture and design.  He co-created the Vienna School of Architecture and was influential in what became modern housing. He believed functionality was key to design and architecture, and we here at FLOR obviously second that notion.

(Above: Interior spaces that used some of Josef Frank ‘s patterns)

Frank became an innovator in textile design and for a period of nearly 40 years he created more than 200 patterns. The linear, grid-like look popular during that period was too rigid for his taste so he improvised in a big way, as you can see in his creations.  Scandinavian Design called Josef Frank’s styles  “Always in motion,” which was the theme that spawned the creation of FLOR’s Pretty Pieces Rug.

Images sourced from 1. 2. 3. 4. Elle Decor 5. 6.

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