Designing for Spring

We recently shared with you the Evolution of our FLOR Stores, complete with street-level views of our seven retail locations.

Well, we think it’s time to take a stroll inside those walls and give you a glimpse of what our design consultants are up to. With several new styles launching this Spring, our store consultants got a chance to show off their design chops and, as usual, they didn’t disappoint.  Here are just a few of the in-store rugs they fashioned.

Atlanta and Chicago each had their own version of a basket weave.

Brooklyn went full tilt with Full Kilt.

Chicago and Santa Monica were all about vibrant colors in our Fedora (felt) texture

Dallas showed its luxury side with this plush rug inset with a border

Our designers in Houston and Atlanta showed off those runners for narrow spaces.

To see the whole Spring Collection in person and the unique rugs our design consultants can create for you, visit a FLOR Store near you.

And for those of you currently not near a FLOR Store, keep an eye out as we have new stores opening up this Spring and may have one coming to your city (we’re looking at you, San Francisco).

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FLOR Story: So easy

Dear FLOR,

When we were putting together our nursery we couldn’t help but gravitate to the fun colors of  Flor’s Toy Poodle line. I was so excited when they came in I couldn’t wait for my husband to install them. And in my greatly pregnant state I put them together with ease.

When our son was a baby we got to see first hand the perk of having modular carpet in a baby’s room when experiencing “the sprinkler”.  We just popped it up and cleaned it in the tub with no troubles.  Now 2.5 year old, our son has had his fair share of fun on his Flor.  He enjoys jumping from color to color as well as reading and playing.

We love Flor! We also have it in our dining room and are considering putting it in our home office.  It’s the perfect kid-friendly flooring for the design-savvy family.



Charlotte, NC


To see more stories like this one click here. If you have a FLOR story that you would like to share, email it to us at  and you can receive 10% off your next purchase.

For more information or questions about FLOR you can visit us at, call our design assistance at 866.952.4093 or visit a store near you!


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FLOR Story: Providing Balance

Dear FLOR,

The hardwood floors underneath my beautiful new FLOR carpet had become hazardously slippery to my sweet three-legged wonder pup, Celia.

Her travels through my home – from area rug in the living room to area rug in the master, for instance – forced her to cross ‘little oceans’ of hardwood floors, where she would often lose her balance and slip, causing pain and potential injury to her one back leg. I know this issue to be a concern for owners of older pets, as well, who see their animals’ balance grow unstable over time, and heartbreaking falls become more common.

I had tried non-slip booties for Celia – really, I had tried everything – as I honestly thought that deploying carpet would be a true sacrifice in style and cleanliness in my casa.

However, after visiting the FLOR Store in Dallas and working with Sean (FLOR’s design consultant at the store), I came away pleasantly surprised.  I absolutely LOVE my FLOR carpeting – the gorgeous patterns designed (one for entry and master, another for living – and all flowing seamlessly, smartly together!), the quality of the line, the smooth install process.

FLOR warmed up the entry, living and master so much – in terms of both style and coziness. And the flexibility of changing out a tile should there be an accident of any kind (pet? wineglass? : ) is just fantastic.

Celia is SO happy, too. Literally, she stretches out and smiles.

Thanks loads to Sean for his TLC and the amazing design work he did for the new FLOR wool carpeting in my home! I absolutely love the finished product, and have received so many compliments!


Dallas, Texas


Such a sweet story! For more stories like this one click here. If you have a FLOR story that you would like to share, email it to us at  and you can receive 10% off your next purchase.

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A Change of Plans

A couple months ago we were at a photo shoot for the recently-launched Spring catalog.   Our designers had the rugs for the photo shoot laid out and a precise set of plans ready to execute. But after arriving and heading upstairs, they stumbled upon this amazing couch, and it completely changed their course.

They were so inspired by the couch they decided to create a plaid rug instead of the neutral one that was planned. They took the compelling geometric pattern from the couch and used it as inspiration to create this beautiful rug below.  And as simple as that,  this “Plaid was born, a combination of Toy Poodle tiles (Black, Java and Persimmon) that is both inviting and a real design statement.

In our designer’s case, it was a plaid sofa, but accessories of all kinds can inspire a rug. Here we originally had a more neutral rug but when the styling was complete, it seemed only right to pull some color from the pillow and place it in the rug. This enhanced not only the rug but the whole room. FLOR’s sophisticated color palette can match or complement just about any of your existing décor.

So go ahead, look around the room, find that subtle tone or color in your favorite chair, now create a rug that will fit “just-so” lying next to it. Then share your story with us here –

Design Assistance

If you would like help creating this rug,  call 866-952-4093 for complimentary design assistance. We have design consultants on call who can help you customize your own version of  Plaid. Or see it in person and work with a  Store design consultant at one of our Store locations.

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Kids-play with Scale

So awkwardly enough, I’ve had ‘Scale’ in my to-write-about file for over a month now and as I indicated in this post earlier this week, one of my favorite ways to play with scale is to include a very large sized print in a small space.  Low and behold, this fantastic space has been all over the shelter blogs recently. The large scale animal wall paper is whimsical on its own, but taken to an even larger extreme, the wall paper becomes a statement.


While playing with scale sometimes means literally taking something and messing with its natural proportions, it can also refer to the symmetry of all of the items in a space together.  For instance, in the vignette below, every piece is generally on the same scale, and when paired with the wainscoting which serves to draw the eye downward, the scale of the pieces together as a whole create a more cozy nook.


But check it out again when we pan out to see the whole room…


Turns out that table isn’t a dresser, it’s a night stand!  And the chair is a kids chair!!  But because within the context of the original photo everything was the same scale, our eyes and minds fooled us into thinking they were larger pieces.

This space (and correct me if I’m wrong..but are those some FLOR tiles I spy?) is a beautiful example of how consistent scale in a room can truly create harmony.  Everything from the crib, to the leggy chair, stool and dresser combine to fill the space with symmetry in a cheery, cohesive way.


Of course, scale can literally be represented in designing spaces intentionally for children.  This reading nook uses two slender bookcases that offset the junior-sized chair beautifully.


Perhaps the most functional purpose of scale in children’s design can be credited to the Montessori method where there is a heavy suggestion of scaling everything a child will use to their size…from the bed to the bookcases to the desk and mirror.  This space from SewLiberated is the quintessential study in scale for children’s rooms.


Lastly, before we leave the subject of scale, I have these two examples of home organization areas.  Both are designed with kids in mind, one on a grand scale…


…the other on a smaller scale.


Both are functional.  Both are whimsical. Both make a statement.  Both are beautiful.  Which just goes to prove that you can do anything with scale so long as your form and function are balanced.


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