My Flor-Filled Office

I’ve always been a huge fan of FLOR tiles, ever since my husband and I outfitted our Los Angeles with House Pet in an attempt to create an impromptu office space. And then, we welcomed two dogs into our home, making FLOR all the more functional for the many messes our four-legged friends bring with us. Yet it wasn’t until I became a mother that I realized the beauty of FLOR. A soft, ever-so-washable and buildable rug – suitable for any space from playrooms and offices and everywhere between? I now consider these tiles to be the #1 essential tool for every baby-proofer’s kit. In fact, I recently decked out our baby-proofed office in one of FLOR’s latest designs – Reoriented. Here’s the reveal!:


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Resource Visual

Design. At the core, it is the art of problem solving. This beautifully presented and startling BBC Infographic in Fast Company, translates graphically the state of our depleting non-renewable resources. For me, it is a call to action. To reinvent, redesign, and repurpose. Not only for big businesses who depend on many of these elements for product production, but also for each of us as individuals, to design our daily routines and process’ to make better use of, or even eliminate our dependence on these fleeting resources. To support companies doing the right thing, like FLOR, and to take steps locally in our communities.

Realizing reporting varies on this subject, it does seem that time is fleeting. An exciting design opportunity, with a deadline. Let’s get to work.

I’d love to hear about your ideas, plans and creative solutions. What do you think?

Images and excerpts sourced at Fast Company.


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Check out these Cribs

Have you ever come across something in a design magazine or in a shelter blog or on Pinterest and just thought to yourself, “well, duh – that’s just too perfect for words”.  That’s EXACTLY how I feel about what I have to share with you all today.

Perhaps it is because I am still deep in the ‘trenches’ of baby hood with my youngest child, but it never even dawned on me that the crib mattress could ever be repurposed into anything once it was done being used in its original function.

And then I saw this:


Someone (I’m not sure who because after an exhaustive, 3 hour search down many a rabbit hole on the internet the only source I could find was here) took a crib mattress, mounted it on some wood shelving units and styled the heck out of it and I am smitten.  SMITTEN I tell you!

So, of course, I had to find some other inspiration to share with you!

Fab Rehab Creations saw the same inspiration (above) and created this lovely daybed for her sons:

And another similar transformation can be found over at HGTV, submitted by the incomparable Ana White:

In fact, once I got started, it was hard to STOP finding great crib turned daybed ideas.  I particularly like these next two because they actually use the rails of the cribs as well:


(found here but originally from these fine people)

And I found this amazing outdoor seating option that uses an old pallet with a crib mattress over at Lottas Himmelrom

Well – it turns out it isn’t just the crib mattress you can repurpose.  Check out these lovely inspiration boards created from crib springs!  Seriously!!  People are so inventive…I just LOVE it!


(found here and credited to Pinterest – sorry peeps, I tried to credit it further but quit after two hours)

Have you ever repurposed a crib mattress or frame?

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FLOR Story : Crazy Colorful

Dear FLOR,

Even before we found out we were having a baby, we were looking forward to redecorating a room for a little one. So, once we knew we were having an actual baby, we started throwing around ideas. It should be colorful. Crazy colorful. Our home more generally is full of nutty colors but a kid’s room seemed like a perfect opportunity to go all out on color.

While the website was fun to use, we wanted to see the tiles in person before we ordered something for the baby’s room.  We headed to the Flor store near us (in Chicago) and worked with Kim, who showed us all sorts of tiles.  After working with us for awhile, helping us zero in on a palette of tiles we liked, and seeing that we were open to lots of ideas, Kim suggested taking the tiles we liked and laying them out in a striped pattern. She laid it out on her laptop (and even emailed us a .pdf of the design to use when we set up the tiles).  We hadn’t thought of stripes but immediately felt like it was a super cool way to capitalize on the modularity of Flor tiles.

We had a bunch of fun putting the tiles together and the Flor definitely fulfilled our desire for a unique and nutty carpet in our baby’s room. We really love her room, hopefully she will too!


Matthew – Chicago, IL

To see more stories like this one click here. If you have a FLOR story that you would like to share, email it to us at or post it to facebook or twitter (& tag us) and you can receive 10% off your next purchase.

For more information or questions about FLOR you can visit us at, call our design assistance at 866.952.4093 or visit a store near you!


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Functional Art

Why decorate?  This creative solution to artful storage for wine, is a show stopper. It is simple, organized, and graphic. If you look carefully, you’ll notice the attention to detail given to the vertical alignment of the foil tops of the bottles, and color groupings of red, gold, black and silver. Pulling a punch of color for the banquette seating from the group of red foil tops of the wine bottles, creates a simple yet strong and cohesive presentation. The success of this space is founded in few, repeated elements, and one bold punch of color. This is an easy design strategy to use at home, and the artful wall display could incorporate any necessary tools or personal collection that is an expression of you. Have fun with it. I’d love to see your images! Now, I think this room would really scream with a third element to reinforce the color scheme. With the few, repeated elements, and one punch of color, take a look how different this room will become with the the range of FLOR rugs below. A room, easily transformed with each new introduction of fun on the floor. Easy to change with your mood or design inspiration.



Room Image sourced at
FLOR rugs:  Ins and Outs, Modern Mix, Sitting Pretty, Line by LIne, Line, please, Take a Ribbing. Images sourced at


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