Hand Sewn

I feel a bit like I’m letting the cat out of the bag. This is the kind of secret you want to keep. Something stylistically defining, personalized and oh-so-cool. When considering a special wardrobe piece, shoes are “it” for me. Always have been. I’ll spend the money for a pair of handmade, signature design accessories that uniquely convey my personal style.  Meet Feit. Handmade, very small production lines, and made just for you. What a treat for your feet.

Check out all about FEIT here.

Images found at http://www.feitdirect.com


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Eames House Restoration

One of the most influential Modernist residences, the home of Charles and Ray Eames is undergoing a complete restoration. The Eames Foundation is focusing on maintaining the 60+ year old structure as part of its 250-year preservation plan. The Eames House’s entire collection of 1,800 living room objects is now on display as part of LACMA’s exhibition on California mid-century design, Living In A Modern Way, a clear indication of the home’s prominence. The temporary removal of those artifacts allowed the Eames Foundation to begin its long-planned renovation along with the restoration of the home’s great icons. The foundation has raised about $250,000 for the project, which they estimate will cost roughly $1 million and take about two and a half years. Additional money is being raised through a series of fundraisers at the house. They hope to complete much of the job while the living room objects are still at LACMA.  The Eames family is involved to ensure every detail is correct. Original structure and finishes are being preserved, as they feel it is important that the structure show its age.

To visit the Eames House during construction is a unique opportunity to view the structure of this historic home while it is exposed. Appointments are required during this time, to gain access to the house and grounds.

Photos and excerpts courtesy of the Eames Foundation and the Architects Newspaper.

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This beautiful concrete collection is Made in Sweden by Iris Hantwerk. The objects are simple, modern and exquisitely formed. It is inspiring that these beautiful handmade items are created by visually impaired craftspeople. “This concrete shaving kit includes a shaving dish made from soft concrete, shaving soap, and a traditional beech brush with badger hair bristles. Iris Hantwerk employs visually impaired craftspeople to create beautiful handmade brushes. Each individual bundle of bristles are bound to hardwood handles just like they were made in the 19th century. The soft concrete dish reads “soap” in braille. It really brings new meaning to the term “hand made”.

Iris Hantverk is a part of the Iris Group owned by Synskadades Stiftelse and has close ties with the the visually impaired. Within the group, business benfits are combined with benfits to society. The simplicity of these everyday objects speak to their use and function. Designed for a purpose, they are a beautiful sculptural element in their environment, and speak volumes with their subtle braille. 

Images found at http://www.iris.se/hantverk.html



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Christian DuCharme

Lafayette Espresso Bar + Market, is a place of great character. Take these fabulous light fixtures, hand made by artist Christian DuCharme. Christian designed these textural luminaries out of 300 “It’s Our Pleasure to Serve You’ coffee cups, above. This eco-designed lighting collection doesn’t stop at repurposed cups-there is also a plastic spoon edition as well as a lamp made entirely of coffee filters. Creative, innovative and Green, these objects are a focal point in the space and certainly a conversation piece. Each object is unique, and one of a kind.

Christian DuCharme is a designer from Zurich. He now works in Interior Design, and creates accessory pieces like these fabulous lamps. I can’t wait to see what’s next. I love the coffee themed product use for this installment. I wonder what Christian would design for a flower shop, or a corner grocery store?  The possibilities are endless.


Images found here.

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Buckingham Interiors

Julia Edelmann is a friend of FLOR. Her Chicago Buckingham Interiors showroom is a collection of eclectic beauty. The marriage of antiques with Modern elements is balanced in composition, form and color placement. It’s not easy to do well, but Julia’s keen eye for collectibles and attention to detail make for unique spaces for each and every client.  Just take a look at these inspirational spaces.


The Chicago showroom is home to Buckingham Interiors offices, but also serves as a gallery for furniture, art, lighting and accessories. Visitors will often find one of a kind work by prominent artists, whether a painting, or a custom handmade piece of furniture. On a visit to the showroom Julia’s clients can view vignettes of varied styles, and shop onsite for pieces to include, in the Interior Design of their home. You might recognize these spaces while enjoying a visit to the FLOR.com website, or paging through the catalog.

View recent Chicago interior design projects here.
Buckingham Interiors Chicago showroom  images found here.


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