The Flower Recipe Book


Ever wish you could create the stunning arrangements you see prepared by a a stylist or professional florist? I discovered a wonderful book titled The Flower Recipe Book, that helps identify the critical elements need to create a beautiful arrangement. From the right vessel, to unique floral species, this beautifully illustrated book makes it easy. Not only are there step by step recipes to follow, but artists Alethea Harampolis and Jill Rizzo share their tips of the trade from their SanFrancisco floral design company, Studio Choo. What a gift of experience ladies!

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Modern Thanksgiving

As we gather for Thanksgiving this week, I found a bit of seasonal inspiration for the holiday tabletop. A modern centerpiece expression, and a fresh take on holiday color indeed.  Swooping callas and plump succulents are sculptural and simple. I venture to guess this display would create a gorgeous focal point for any festive holiday celebration. May every joy be yours this Thanksgiving.

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My Favorite Flor

Eclectic spaces have always been a go-to move of mine, so when I first spotted the Cut Flowers design in this month’s new arrival section at FLOR, I shrieked with joy. Any time an accessory or furnishings makes me squeal, I begin to envision the space I would build around that very statement piece.

Naturally, I wanted to take you along for the ride. Presenting, a room fit for my favorite Flor tile (whew – say that three times fast!). My vision? A quirky kitchen nook:

1. Our shining star FLOR paves the way for patterned accents and statement solids.
2. Every quirky room needs a quirky pendant.
3. Bright coral polka dotted curtains provide a touch of color to offset the dark flooring.
4. Floral cups reflect our floral patterned tiles in a subtle fashion.
5. Traditional Stockholm chairs ground the nook, providing a classic that won’t easily fade with trends.
6. Patterned plates become a surprising neutral when paired with bolder colors.
7. The industrial stool plays off our birdcage-inspired lighting and lends an aged aesthetic to the space.
8. A recycled magazine bowl gives amount of texture and play to the room.
9. Play it safe with a modern and gorgeous wood and iron table.

Fun, yes? Ah, to dine daily in this fun little space. Elbows off the table, please!



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