Why Don’t You…?

Sure, you may not have spare tea pots lying around your house, but I can guarantee you can find a variety at the thrift store… for pennies. Why not create mock planters and display your favorite greens on the back porch this summer?

I’d also play around with teacups, patterned vases and more for an eclectic and sweet look. Who says planters should have all the fun?

Image Credit: Getty Images via Wedding Ideas

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Two Floral DIY Ideas

I know, I know. Winter is barely here and I'm already pining for spring. Grass is truly greener, yes (especially when donning glorious florals!).

Regardless, when spring does arrive, at least I'll be ready. I've got my eye on two simple, five-minute tutorials that are sure to brighten the doorstep of a friend, neighbor, or… ahem, myself.

Care to see?:

1. Paper Basket Bouquet
How sweet do these daffodils look when sprouting from a simple paper bag? Cutest idea ever, and so, so cheap.

2. Fabric-Covered Pots
Have some spare fabric and a hideously outdated terracotta pot? You're in luck! Fabric covers a multitude of sins so your blooms can really blossom. Lucky you!

What do you think, friends? Can you wait until spring to try out these sweet ideas?

I didn't think so.

[Image Credit: Lavender and Lime]

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