Great design is all around us. Sometimes, we are pleasantly surprised to find it where we least expect it. I was on a road trip through Indiana this weekend, and came upon an amazing sight. A sea of wind turbines as far as the eye could see. These images don’t convey the immense scale of these modern day windmills. It was sculptural, and breathtaking. Of course, I have seen a turbine before. But never like this. I was just a few feet away from the base of one of these columns, and the massive and powerful machine was churning overhead. As I looked out over the horizon, the end was nowhere in sight. I continued on the road for miles, and realized there must have been over 100 turbines. Quite a sight.

The Fowler Ridge Wind Farm, located in Benton County Indiana, is comprised of 355 GE 1.5MW wind turbines spanning over 30,000 acres of Indiana farmland. The site of the Fowler Ridge Wind Farm is around 90 miles northwest of Indianapolis.The first two phases of the project have been completed. The planned total capacity of the project is expected to reach 750MW.  This is according to the owners of the development BP Alternative Energy North America Inc. and Dominion Resources. It has been quoted that each turbine cost 1.5 million dollars for parts and installation. The project takes advantage of the wind potential found in the wide open expanse of farmland, without interfering with farming and irrigation practices.

It was awe inspiring to see such a huge number of these green energy generators in action. The project has brought jobs and revenue to the local community, and decreased the amount of coal used for energy production. Absolutely fabulous.

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