Design for the young, and young at heart.

My three boys are always creating. Whether building robots from the contents of our recycling container, writing and recording music on garage band, or designing cities on sketch-up, there is an abundance of creative energy. One of their favorite building mediums is Lego. Not only can they create objects of their imagination, but they can now learn about architectural design.

I am equally as passionate about the Lego Architecture and Landmark series' which offers a unique opportunity to learn together. As we build famous landmark buildings such as Willis Tower, John Hancock Center, Empire State Building, Seattle Space Needle, The White House and Rockefeller Center, we are reviewing the included content on the designer of the building, the history of its development and design criteria and constraints.

The Architecture series presents the work of Frank Lloyd Wrights' Falling Water, and Guggenheim Museum. We have enjoyed these projects immensely. They are detailed, miniature versions of themselves. Exposure to these historic structures, in a way a child can participate in and relate to, provides a greater sense of the world around them and the power of design.


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