Handmade Pouf

Maki2 520

The Maki stool by Magda Pinczynska is plain, practical and portable. Rolled cardboard felt-wrapped drums offer seating anywhere you would like. While the handmade pouffes feature a handle for schlepping and a row of rivets pinning the cover in place, there’s a soft-edged simplicity to each one. 100% recycling cardboard.



Maki 520


Images and excerpt sourced here.


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Rattan gone MOD

Traditionally, Rattan has been used as an appropriate solution for a sunroom or enclosed porch. These modern interpretations transcend the typical and expected. I can imagine these beauties in my living room, eating area or a sunny reading spot. Even better, these maintenance free pieces can be used inside or out. A welcome addition to the garden. Given their interesting form, these sculptural elements can be appreciated from every angle, and certainly can hold their own as a focal point in a space. Unique, textural, and modern.

Images sourced at Muubs.com

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Sawkille Studio

I enjoyed this months Elle Décor Magazine, featuring an article titled “Rising Stars, 20 Talents Shaping Design Today”. One of those featured, is Jonah Meyer, and his upstate New York furniture shop. Sawkille Co. in Rhinebeck, New York is focused on handcrafted pieces, inspiration rooted in classic country furniture, with a modern aesthetic. Not an easy thing to do well, Jonah has definitely developed a discernible style. Collaborating with designers for metalwork, his background in fine art and sculpture is evident in the artful presentation of his creations. Jonah is most definitely on my watch list. Simple, minimalist and handmade.

Images sourced March issue Elle Décor Magazine.

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Emeco Sezz Chair

A collaboration between Emeco and Christophe Pillet , welcome the new Sezz aluminum chair. Handmade from 80% recycled materials, it is gorgeous and sculptural, and appropriate for use both indoors and out. Emeco is known for its work with aluminum, and for their collaboration with some very talented designers. Christophe Pillet’s collection joins the work of Phillippe Stark, Norman Foster, and Frank Gehry, who have also collaborated with Emeco.  The passion for aluminum as a material and the uncompromising dedication to process is reflected in the company philosophy. “We make chairs. That’s what we do. Handmade from 80% recycled Aluminum. It’s not easy. In fact it takes 77 steps to get there. Designed to last for 150 years. Now that’s what we call sustainability.” Emeco.

“The Sezz chair is a little story about Emeco and what Emeco has become, the capacity of the best of the best. It is a specific story, an interpretation of the Emeco way. The idea is to be timeless and create desires, using the objects in its purest form. When you collect, you choose items you would like to keep for a long time and not throw away, even when these items are not in fashion, you still love them. Today we buy items because we desire the memories attached. I sometimes see my job as a designer just like the writers, artists or movie makers – it is about storytelling. You buy furniture because they are representing your sentimental values, like keeping old photographs. Its all moments in your life. Same when you are choosing furniture, its building your story.”- Christophe Pillet

Images and excerpts found at the Emeco website.

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New Breed Furniture

Meet John Lindsay & Alessandro Paradiso, of New Breed Furniture. They personally hand-make these dynamic and well crafted furniture pieces. Each table and chair is built with great consideration for detail, and has a wonderful sculptural quality. On a recent FLOR catalog shoot, the stylist placed some fabulous chairs by New Breed. They were a beautiful addition, to a lovely space. I wanted to share a little about New Breed. A new friend of FLOR.

Angela Finney-Hoffman of POST 27, is a long time friend of FLOR, and she recently visited with John & Alessandro, to learn more about their process, their design philosophy and a little about what makes them tick. Here is an excerpt from their time together.

“From the beginning, I’ve had an adverse response to any kind of fakery in woodworking, which woefully is ever-present in the industry. Most manufactured furniture or casework has its own dirty little secret, what is on the surface is not what is inside. I have consistently chosen to design and build pieces that maintain a strict integrity, working with solid wood or engineering my own panels that bridge the gap between veneer technology and more traditional woodworking. Another ambition that is consistent through out my career has been to have the structure, especially the joinery, used as ornament, letting it express itself along with the natural beauty of the wood grain. This Chicago maxim/philosophy has been a guiding principle.

I have spent the last twenty years mastering a singular concentration, woodworking. I have stayed with using only natural clear finishes on fine hard woods. My evolution has led me to now start to experiment with color, using pigmented lacquer. Soon, I hope to experiment with upholstered cushions with our wood structures. Next, will be incorporating graphic elements in the furniture. And finally, God forbid, I may find myself opening my mind to include metalworking into the repertoire. John Lindsay, Post 27 interview.

Check out New Breed Furniture at their website:  http://www.nbfn.us
Image 1 Bruce Quist Photography for FLOR, Image 2,3,4 POST 27

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