The Amsterdam Armoire

It takes quite a bit for me to fall in love with a piece of furniture. After all, I’ve always been a firm believer that it’s not what you own, it’s how you own it. Naturally, I’m a fan of taking average, everyday pieces and putting them together in ways that are unexpectedly charming. Yet this piece of stand-out storage designed by┬áScholten & Baijings is forcing me to re-think that very concept. Surely sometimes we have to bend our own rules, yes?

Created to reflect a modern interpretation of a 17th century cabinet, The Amsterdam Armoire’s exterior alone is stunningly crafted. But on the inside? That’s where the real fun begins…

Printed with still life scenes of what might lie beyond each door, the interior is a true masterpiece. And of course, no work of art is complete without an element of luxury – in this case, pale pink feet made of hand-blown glass.

What do you think? Would you ever splurge (and I mean splurge!) on a piece of furniture you’ve fallen head over heels for? Or do you believe in the beauty of simplicity and creative styling?

Images via Matter

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A Clothes House

I love the look of a clothing rack in any bedroom. There’s just something so very industrial-meets-functional about displaying your threads out in the open, waiting to be sifted through and creatively-ensembled. (Although I’d have to seriously pare down my wardrobe to keep things looking neat and simple!)

But there’s also something very boring about your average clothing rack. The style hasn’t really changed much in years, and if you’re using a clothing rack to make a statement… well, why not make a statement? This clothing house designed by Ola Giertz is a game-changer for that very reason – perfectly functional but with that very necessary element of surprise every object deserves.

Proof that clothes crave four walls (or four wheels, in this case!) just as much as we do.

Image Credits: Ola Giertz

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Bright Idea: Cross Stitch Your Chair

Every now and then, I’ll come across a genius idea that I can’t believe I haven’t thought of. I mean, how often have we all seen the average cane chair in garage sales, antique markets and even alongside the road – all begging to be transformed into something miraculous?


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Why Don’t You…?

…highlight the underbelly of your furniture?

Tabletops get all the credit; why not have some fun with your dining room table, desk or vanity by painting it a fun hue underneath? Rotterdam-based designers Minale-Maeda┬árecently created a collection entitled ‘Inside Out’: an entire series of furniture where pops and hues of color are spotlighted inside the piece, rather than out. Drawers are rejoicing everywhere!

Why not DIY your own version with your existing furniture? The look is sure to make you smile when you’re dusting bunnies off the floor!

Image Credit: Minale-Maeda via Treehugger

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Bright Idea: A White Stripe Makeover

What happens when you paint white stripes onto an average palette trunk on casters?

Image Credit: My 2nd Hand Life

Instant rustic-chic beauty. Sure, this piece of furniture was beautiful before, but by painting white diagonal stripes onto the face of the trunk, the design has been both elevated and personalized. Such a dramatic transformation for a simple process, yes?

What about you, friends? Have you painted anything surprising lately? We’d love to see!

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