4 Birdhouses For Springtime

BIRDHOUSESConfession time: I’ve never owned a birdhouse. (I don’t know what’s wrong with me, either.) It wasn’t until I visited a friend’s cabin and awoke to a most glorious chorus of birds chirping outside my window that I realized – Hey! Why don’t the birds ever sing at my house? Answer: You get what you give.

So this spring, I’m giving those sweet chickadees a home. Naturally, I’m on the hunt for a smart, stylish option that won’t break the bank – and lucky for you, I’ve been successful! Here are four birdhouse options – all under $100 – I’d love to add to my own nest:


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Why Don’t You…?

Sure, you may not have spare tea pots lying around your house, but I can guarantee you can find a variety at the thrift store… for pennies. Why not create mock planters and display your favorite greens on the back porch this summer?

I’d also play around with teacups, patterned vases and more for an eclectic and sweet look. Who says planters should have all the fun?

Image Credit: Getty Images via Wedding Ideas

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Shop Talk: Jamali Garden

I’d heard of New York-based floral & garden supply shop Jamali Garden, but until recently, I didn’t realize how expansive their decor section was. From super affordable rugs to a variety of ceramics, I never thought to take advantage of their vast selection inside my home.

A few interior-friendly items on my wish list? Read on:

[A]. Zig Zag Jute Rug ($60)
[B]. Striped Curtain Panel ($25)
[C]. Cotton Slub Pouf ($50)
[D]. Hanging Glass Vase ($5)
[E]. Textured Ceramic Vases ($25)
[F]. Buffalo Horn ($15)

Proof that outdoor products can pull double duty inside, as well. Happy shopping!

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Gabion Fencing

Spring has sprung, and with the onset of warmer weather, I have set my sights on the garden. Last season, I investigated many types of fences, as we were planning a project to enclose our courtyard. Over the months we were designing, I collected images of many beautiful and textural options. One of my favorite solutions was the Gabion Wall. These cages can be filled with inorganic material, or even repurposed construction debris.

Gabion walls are wirework containers filled with rock, concrete, debris, or any material you find of interest. Traditionally, these walls are built in the construction of dams and retaining walls, but used as a decorative or architectural solution, they offer unmatched depth and texture.


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