DIY Palette Garden



It’s not too late folks, to get that garden going. Fall vegetables enjoy the sun with cooler temperatures, and will thrive when started this time of year. Broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, lettuce, spinach and radish just to name a few, will do beautifully in many zones when planted in late July and early August.  I’ve been wanting to build a raised bed garden, and of course the summer has gotten away from me. I found the perfect solution in a ready made palette. No need to spend a lot on lumber for this project or find the time to build a traditional raised bed. Shipping palettes are often discarded and can be found readily at stores in your community. Simply place in a sunny spot and fill with a mixture of  soil and compost. Sow your seeds, water, watch and wait, and you’ll be enjoying a fall harvest in no time. A beautiful addition to your garden, good enough to eat.

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Sling-Shot Spring






Looking for a little fun in the garden this Spring? These designer seed bombs are just the thing. A fun way to involve the kids, and of course the kid at heart. Blast these seeds out onto your garden patch and watch for a colorful display to unfold in the coming weeks. A new planting experience, and loads of fun. I enjoy the haphazard and abstract painterly approach to planting this way.

The seed bomb will break upon impact with the ground, and will further disintegrate with the rain. The red clay and worm castings in the seed bombs enrich the soil around the seeds, helping your flowers grow.

The bird-, bee- and butterfly-friendly flower mixture includes Annual Gaillardia, Baby Blue Eyes, Black-Eyed Susan, Calendula, Dwarf Cosmos, French Marigold, Lance-Leaved Coreopsis, Plains Coreopsis, Perennial Gaillardia, Perennial Lupine, Purple Coneflower, Red Poppy, and Sweet Alyssum. This colorful flower mix can be grown anywhere in the US. 

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Why Don’t You…?

…decorate the exterior of your house – all year long?

A creative landscaping job on the side of a home can make a world of difference, yes? Imagine walking by this house on a daily stroll; peering up to be welcomed by a cheerful sign that all we need in this world is love, love, love.

Even better? The possibilities of decorating with moss, greenery and shrubs are endless. Have a favorite shape, or perhaps some fun typography? Go to town! The more personalized, the better.

And here I thought unexpected decor was relegated to interiors. Happy landscaping!

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simple elegance. happy harvest.

‘Tis the season for gardening, dining alfresco, and preserving. My garden is in full swing, enjoying sunny days and cool nights. I have combatted the squash bugs, tilled, weeded and staked, and I am thrilled to be harvesting an abundance of beautiful fruits and vegetables. This year, I am diving into the art of preserving. Taking guidance from some of my community garden mates, I have been gifted some incredible recipes and resources for savory, sweet and downright unusual treats. Part of this design experience is the vessel in which these glorious goodies are displayed. Preserved for consuming at a later date yes, they are so packed full of color, texture and anticipation, that they are worthy of beautiful containment. I found these stunningly simple WECK jars to be the perfect solution. Graceful in form, and well designed in function. Happy canning.

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Two Floral DIY Ideas

I know, I know. Winter is barely here and I'm already pining for spring. Grass is truly greener, yes (especially when donning glorious florals!).

Regardless, when spring does arrive, at least I'll be ready. I've got my eye on two simple, five-minute tutorials that are sure to brighten the doorstep of a friend, neighbor, or… ahem, myself.

Care to see?:

1. Paper Basket Bouquet
How sweet do these daffodils look when sprouting from a simple paper bag? Cutest idea ever, and so, so cheap.

2. Fabric-Covered Pots
Have some spare fabric and a hideously outdated terracotta pot? You're in luck! Fabric covers a multitude of sins so your blooms can really blossom. Lucky you!

What do you think, friends? Can you wait until spring to try out these sweet ideas?

I didn't think so.

[Image Credit: Lavender and Lime]

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