Wilderness Estates 2008

Do you love the great outdoors, but aren’t keen on sleeping on the cold, hard ground? ‘Glamping’ might be just the thing to enjoy a bit of nature this summer. While researching this comfy concept, I came across the beautiful Paws Up resort. They offer fully equipped tents with all the comforts of home. From a luxurious bed and linens, electricity, gourmet meals, en suite bathrooms, and even housekeeping and your own camping butler, tent camping never looked this good!  Of course these tents, although certainly not roughing it, by design provide the essential and fulfilling experiences one would expect from tent camping. The pitter patter of rain on the fabric above your head, the shadowy light quality while reading at night, and waking to the sound of the birds and the stream running by your front door. A great way to connect with nature, get around to writing that novel, and ah yes, just sit back,relax and enjoy the view.

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