Shop Talk: Jamali Garden

I’d heard of New York-based floral & garden supply shop Jamali Garden, but until recently, I didn’t realize how expansive their decor section was. From super affordable rugs to a variety of ceramics, I never thought to take advantage of their vast selection inside my home.

A few interior-friendly items on my wish list? Read on:

[A]. Zig Zag Jute Rug ($60)
[B]. Striped Curtain Panel ($25)
[C]. Cotton Slub Pouf ($50)
[D]. Hanging Glass Vase ($5)
[E]. Textured Ceramic Vases ($25)
[F]. Buffalo Horn ($15)

Proof that outdoor products can pull double duty inside, as well. Happy shopping!

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Glowing Orbs

When I discovered these glowing glass orbs by Bocci, I was immediately taken by their scale and simplicity. I love the process offered, creating one of a kind works of art.  Whether cast or blown glass, the applied methodology results in a stunning luminarie. Glass as a medium is unlike any other. It begins in a molten state. It is a mixture liquified by heat, made by fusing sand with soda, lime, and sometimes other ingredients, and cooling rapidly.  The end result is almost unbelievable; a unique object which often possesses varied levels of transparency and texture. Omer Arbel trained as an Architect.  He lead a multidisciplinary design studio focused on blurring the boundaries between architecture, industrial design, and materials research.  This foundation is evident in this beautiful collection introduced as Bocci's creative director. His emphasis on fine craft and prototyping is present in these unique works of art. "28 is a result of a glass blowing technique whereby air is intermittently blown in and then sucked out of an intermittently heated and then cooled glass matrix.  The result is a distorted spherical shape with a composed collection of inner shapes, one of which houses a low voltage or LED lamp."

14 is a family of low voltage pendants designed to be clustered.  Each individual pendant is an articulated cast glass sphere with a frosted cylindrical void that houses a…halogen or LED lamp. The light from the center of the sphere iinteracts with the imperfections, rifts, bruises and bubbles of the cast glass to project a visually rich halo of light.  Due to the organic nature of cast glass-hand crafted and inherently imperfect-each piece is  entirely unique from any other piece."



A single orb would 'enlighten' any space. When a collection of fixtures is placed together, it creates a dramatic and memorable statement.

All photographs and excerpts courtesy of Bocci.

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