Beautiful wine bottles destined for landfills, repurposed into artful and unique glassware for your table by BottleHood.  Offered by Heath Ceramics, they are a wonderful addition to the tabletop. I’ve noticed these glasses recently in magazine styling shots, recognizable by their unique form at the base, and subtle color variation. Wine bottles typically have a thick wall, which is perfectly repurposed into durable and long lasting glassware. A fun visual conversation starter for your next dinner party, the sustainable philosophy paired with the beautiful form and color is just irresistible.

Images sourced at Heath Ceramics

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Rose-Colored Glasses…

… and I don't mean of the eyewear variety. I've been spotting colored glass popping up all over the place, whether in vase, lighting or dinnerware form. An instant way to provide a colorful focal point to your tablescape, I'm loving the idea of collecting your favorite shades and scattering them about your home.

Let's use photos as inspiration to walk us through the concept, shall we?:

Above: Stick to a monochromatic color scheme to keep the look from appearing too cluttered. Image via DesignShrine.


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The Mill…

Ahhhh… Vermont. Picturesque, serene, and full of surprises. I recently took a trip back east and visited a few New England states along the way. My last stop was Simon Pearce / The Mill in Quechee, Vermont. What a beautiful place to spend a lazy afternoon… Had lunch at their flagship restaurant overlooking the Ottauquechee River (which provides hydroelectric power to the entire structure by the way!) and took my good 'ole time exploring The Mill, inside and out. The retail store is chock full of eye candy of course… pottery, glassware, dinnerware, lighting, home accents, you name it. Somehow there is an authenticity to the decor that I truly love. Nothing is overly propped, just simple presentations. Down the stairs is where you will experience, at first hand, glassblowers making wine glasses, carafes, and even ornaments. It's amazing (actually mesmerizing) to watch them perfect every single curve with such swiftness. The pottery workshop is right next door and what made me smile was seeing a group of kids standing there, intensely and quietly watching the potter at work. It really is a place for inspiration, whether for the young or the young at heart. Here are a few snapshots from my camera phone that I want to share with you. I do love that glass pendant lamp!

{ camera phone images by peggy wong }

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